One more time please

About a love that never ends.


1. Trapped and alone

My twin sister Layla is far away from me ,kept away locked in a dark room and all alone. She has everything she needs food , clothing and anything else that I dont know about. She is only aloud out on the night of the midnight masquerade from 12pm to midnight in order to get herself hope that she can escape.

She hopes that one day that she will find someone who is willing to help her one day and love her for who she is. I only know some things cause I hear things about her.

I may be trapped here in a simalar situtation but i still sense her around all the time. We are almost the same but have different looks. I have the fiery red hair with brown eyes while she has the light brown hair with light hazel eyes.

She is the sweet and totally willing to help strangers out on the street person while Im the weary , shy and not sure what to do when it comes to strangers.

Our mother met my father in the same way that we are in now , trapped and alone all to one night which soon ends quickly.

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