One more time please

About a love that never ends.


5. Special stranger

We are finally here , I pull the curtain aside to see the view. I expected to see trees but there were blue rose bushes around a fancy and expenisive house , geez Lady Grencian really took her search seriously. I bet inside that house is going to be someone rich and probably spoilt since they have been a kid. That person will probably have maids and everything with giant bedrooms with clothes , shoes , furniture and artwork. The gates out the front where guarded by security on each side , alert and ready for a threat.

We pulled up on the stone road of the expensive house and pulled up infront of the front door where 2 doormen came and opened the door. " You must be Liana , daughter of Francis and  Gregory who once ruled along side Lady Francis , please come inside we have been expecting you." one of them bowed as he said it so formally like the had been doing it for years. A bit of panic appeared in my head , " why , why why  what do I have to do with that. Im not royal , I never was this cant be happening ".

The house on the inside was how I said it, like I thought spoilt rich guy looking for a wife because he cant handle a village girl. Im not a village girl , nor am I royal but just a girl would lived in a tower for 17 years. There is no way I am royal or will never take that role but maybe I'm destined for it. I never knew my mother and father , I heard lots of stories that they were great people but I never believed them until now.

The stranger on the inside looked around my age but I was too afraid to talk to him. He saw me and walked up to me and hugged me , I didn't know what to think so I just let him.

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