One more time please

About a love that never ends.


4. Place almost revealed

I wake up in a familiar room , Hopper must of carried me in last night with all my stuff waiting on the other side. I was in the castle motel with a dress that I had never seen before with a note on it " Wear this , Lady Grencian has many more in the wardrobe on the side of the room. " I slip into the blue long sleeved dress that was there provided , I had to not be rude and not wear it. I let my hair let loose from the braids which only make my hair wavy. My boots were still there but next to a black pair of flats.

A letter slid under the door as I was slipping on my flats. I pick up the white envelope and open it.

" You have a mystery guest to meet. Look the best you can. Oh remember to bring your cloak. Lady Grencian"

I tie up the cloak and open the door. Heading down the long steps to the staircase , Hopper was waiting on the carriage humming a little song to himself with snow falling. Opening the heavy doors , Hopper jumped slightly due to the noise and ran over to me. " Liana , my fair lady are you ready to leave because your guest is waiting to meet you and we need to hurry? " .

" Yes Hopper , we can go and no need to be so formal to me. We are friends " I told Hopper. Taking my hand , he opens the door and lets me into the carriage. " I must Liana , its my job I promised Lady Grencian that I would take care of your needs and only yours. Im trying to find your sister Layla and I will do what I can. Hopefully she is going to be where you are going "  He explained with his eyes staring at me with twinkling eyes when he mentioned my sisters name before he closed the door.


We travel back down the road with the horseshoes clashing against the road. I close my eyes and comb my hair out so all the waves in my hair look nice. That moment I finished , I feel asleep as I don't know what time this is.



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