One more time please

About a love that never ends.


6. Not so strange

" Lady Liana , its such a pleasure to meet you" he said after he released me. I stepped back slightly as I said nervously " I'm sorry sir , I'm not royality I lived in a tower for 17 years and may I ask who are you as I do not know you" . He looked down and sighed " I'm so sorry I should of told you from the beginning , my name is  Damien , son of Lady Grace and Micheal. I must show you the photos I have of your family , they have been friends of our family for many years. Please take my hand and I will show you the way" . Damien said as let his hand out in front of me.

I took his hand as he lead me down one of the halls where portraits of all the royal families lived including my family where I recognised my sister's face and stopped. " I see you recognised your sister , she is very beautiful just like you are. You have your mothers hair and eyes. You speak almost like her. So now you believe me that you are royality and I must tell you something as well" he said as he stared at my eyes. " Damien , what must I know because I haven't heard anything. Is it a legacy?" I asked staring at him while being curious. He could tell by the way I asked as he smiled.

" Lady Liana , yes it sure is but you have to fall in love with someone before you return to Lady Grencian. Can I show you the letters your parents wrote to you?" He said and asked as he looked down. I noticed there was no one in this house but him and the staff. Where were his parents? "  Why must I fall in love before I return and yes , does that have the answers?" I asked staring at him as he stared on the other side where there was a portrait of him and his parents.

" They are in the letter , I know but you have to read for yourself " He said sadly like he felt I was disappointed in him. We headed back down the hall and into a small study where he opened a draw where hundreds of letters were there in stacks for every year.


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