One more time please

About a love that never ends.


2. Knock Knock

Sitting in the corner , in my long black dress when a knock at the door stops me in my thoughts , i dont reply until " Liana are you in there, I have a favour to ask you?" I  loudly reply " Yes i am in here , where do you think im am?"

My mistress , Lady Grencian enters the room with the keys in her hand  and sits beside me " So you are almost 18 , i cant keep you locked up in here much longer. I need you to go see the world and come back in one week at 12 pm. Do u want to have that chance?"

I stare at Lady Grencian and say " If I take this chance , will I be to come back and return?" My eyes stare at her with fear and she knew it. " Yes Liana if u wish to return as you might find someone worth your time."  I stand up and grab my suitcase and pack everything of mine , there is a decent amount of stuff. " Lady Grencian I will take that chance , hopefully I can meet someone who is handsome and willing to be there for me."

Lady Grencian picks up my black boots and passes them to me. She braids my long red hair into a nice braided bun while putting on my makeup to look nice to the carrage driver who is going to take me into town. I pick up my cloak and tie the ribbon on the front in a bow.

I slip on my boots and head down the long staircase with everything I own.

Here I go , no turning back now.

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