Written In The Stars

For as long as he can remember, James's goal has been to please his dad and his uptight strict stepmother. He's acted since he was six: Because his dad would approve. He's been modelling since he was fifteen: Because his stepmother said it was a yes for him. He's been doing things to make them happy for ages and now James is starring for a new movie in Colorado (his dad's choice) but this is where he draws the line. It's time to make himself happy, though he needs help trying to do it.

Elizabeth has been running from her past for so long that it's starting to catch up to her. Still mourning her mother's death, she decides to take a trip to a place where her mom tried to live her dream, but never lived long enough to accomplish it. So Elizabeth was going to do it for her. But her past still haunts her and she's one hair away from losing herself. But along the way, she meets teen heart-throb, Hollywood sensation, James Morgan.

And she thought things couldn't possibly get any worse.


1. Prologue //

 "L O S S: the fact or process of losing something or someone- Noun "


They say things happen for a reason. That god just gives your hurdles in your life, hoping that you can jump high enough to get over them. But not everyone can. It's just life. And I get that. I get that things happen for a reason. I really do. But what I don't get is why.

_ _ _

"HE'LL NEVER LOVE YOU LIKE I CAN, CAN, CAN!" Jamie (my twin brother) and I smiled as we belched out the lyrics, the vibration in my throat causing a weird sensation.

This was what we normally did in car rides: Turn on the radio. Belch out the lyrics to the whole song (we knew them all). Laugh hysterically for four-maybe five minutes, then laugh harder when mum tried to join in, and by the time dad would join in, we were bent over and wheezing with laughter. It was just that funny. Now, maybe it wasn't to other people. But with us? Pretty funny. Especially since our family was...special.


I twisted around in my seat to the left so that I was facing Jamie, sitting in the other window seat of our old family, crusty red painted, caravan. 


"That, was awesome." I stated, a grin playing on my lips.


"Hell yeah!" Jamie agreed.


"Language." Mum warned.


"Heck yeah!" And we high-fived each other, our hands already beginning to turn red from the impact. We were pretty rough.


The next song began to play, but from all the noise coming from the AC and the traffic engulfing us from all angles, I couldn't hear a thing.


"Hey mum, can you turn it up please?"


"Sweetie, this is loud enough." Mum replied in her calm tone.


"But Jamie and I can't hear the music." I whined. I was a fourteen year old girl, yes, but that didn't mean I couldn't still whine like a five year old. The tantrums, though,  was where I drew the line.


"I said no, Elizabeth."


Jamie pouted and leaned back into his seat like a good little boy, and turned so that he was facing the window. I, on the other hand, unbuckled the seat belt securing me in my place, and I leaned forward onto the dash that was heated by the sun's rays, and my fingers turned the knob for the volume.


Mum slapped my hands and I frowned. Ouch, much?


"Elizabeth, I said no." Mom stated. 


"I know what you said, mother." I looked her in the eye. "I was only trying to turn it up so we could actually hear something other than car horns and cursing from old men in granny cars."


I leaned forwards again and made another attempt to turn up the volume.


Mum started yelling.


Then I joined in.


Then Jamie.


And finally dad.


"Dad look out!" Jamie cried out and my head whipped forward just as Dad jerked the wheel to avoid the incoming car, and everything seemed to slow down. It was like it all happened in only a couple blinks.




Our car rolling once. Twice. Then three times.




My eyes opening and I was flat on my back, the cool air nipping every part of my hurting body.




Sirens sounding far off in the distance and my vision blurring.




Someone leaning over me, yelling at me.




 Turning my head. Next to me was Mum. Her face pale and eyes frozen in horror. Dead. The impact must have killed her straight on.




Dad. In the drivers seat still. His brain on the asphalt.




Jamie. No where to be seen.












Sooooooo. First chapter. Really horrid and very un-descriptive . I will definitely work on that :) Tell me what you liked, didn't like. And then maybe I'll proceed :)



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