Princess of The Flames (Book #2 the Lone Riders Trilogy)

(Please read 'I Am The Storm' first)

We were left in the balance of discovery as newly discovered Princess and Rider Sophie took off in an emotional state on her dragon who hadn't even been named and leaving as the only heir to the rightful throne of Thresparia. But a new Rider from the Nordic has emerged, she is everything that Sophie wasn't.

She is destined, she doesn't know it and her Creature, a Dragolf, of Royal Class has been with her for most of her life. She is the Saviour and the Destroyer, for she must choose as well.

To quench the thirst of the people, or to send them up in flames.

Her name is Ryoko.

She is the Flame, she is what comes after the Storm.


1. The Forgotten

Ryoko woke up to a bucket of icy water being dumped upon her face. She gasped and spluttered for air, shivering as the cold seeped into her bones and soul. Looking up meekly, she saw her religious mother standing over her, empty bucket in one hand and clothes in the other, dumping the clothes, she left the room and left Ryoko to clean up and get dressed.


Because today was the day they left.


The day they left the Nordic and headed south to the warmer islands. Her mother had mentioned a place called Thresparia but apparently, they had to wait and find what district they would be allocated to. Ryoko's mother was a harsh woman, who feared God and made Ryoko feel like she lived in hell. One time,  she remembered, her mother had branded a symbol of old into her wrist, as to protect her from the God she flinched from so much.


Sighing, Ryoko stood. Her tall frame stooping as to not hit the ceiling. Raven hair cropped short like a boy's, pale skin seeming like new fallen snow in the harsh winters light from outside. She wasn't a big boned woman, very thin and willowy, flexible from years of hunting for the village, earning her keep as a huntsman for hire. Though she had to wrap her chest in tight bandages every morning as to hide the fact that she was a girl because it was supposedly wrong for a woman to do laborious chores such as hunting and gathering. But it had always been obvious to Ryoko that she was meant for more than just feeding hungry mouths.


She whistled, a short, sharp sound that cut through the still air around her like the Magurian knives she favoured. The note was answered by a bulky animal climbing through the window, it's fur glistened with snow and ice, horns twisted like those of the Narwhale, though these protruded from atop it's head and a ruff of spear like scales accented the startling silver eyes. Ryoko smiled and let the thing approach her, it growled in a greeting.


Ryoko wasn't average, she knew that. She was the stuff of legends. A Rider. Her creature was named Seanittador, luck of the ice, he was a mighty Dragolf, a creature of ice, fire and fur.


Sighing, she dragged on her clothes, her chest constricted by bandages. Breathing tightly and feeling the cold air swirling around her lungs, refreshing her nerves and steadying her shaking hands.


Little did she know it, but this would be the last day that she would be pushed aside. The last day of the life she had grown into.

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