My Sister

This cover was made by the amazing @Lady Tater-Tot


1. Poem

She looks down at the casket

The one that holds her baby sister's body 

And listens as the pastor preached about God

And said nothing about her sister

But she's only paying attention to the casket


The one surrounded by white flowers 

Put there by the others at the funeral 

She can't help but laugh


These people must not know her sister

The white is supposed to signify innocence

Her pure soul

And the fact that she died to young 

It's sweet but impersonal to her


She knew her sister the best

And that's why she is at the casket now

With a red flower

For her sisters fiery passion

And her intense personality 


She also held in her hand a pink flower

Because her sister had unconditional love

And she was a girl to be admired

With her beautiful smile 

And kind eyes


And as she stares at the coffin

She also lays down a pure white rose

For all of the times her sister was a angel






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