My Son, Percy Jackson

I fell in love with a Mortal, that is nothing to be guilty of. She was beautiful, wise, kind, she had the making of a true Goddess at heart. It was after the Summer when things got, well, complicated.


1. Sally.

New York City. A city where anything can happen, this seems the most appropriate place for me to escape from... Well, myself. I must carry my trident, but the Mist will protect my identity, that above everything must be hidden. I still feel want to stay to the ocean, so I decided that I'd visit Coney Island, Brooklyn. Some say that this place has had better days, I believe that this place still has a charm to it, the mood here cannot be duplicated. I strolled down the boardwalk, the waves crashing to my right, the sun beginning to set, the sky still bright and light. I tasted the salt on my tongue, breathed in the sun on my skin, feeling my hair soaking the UV rays. I turned to the sand, my bare feet scooping the sand between my skin, burning only slightly. 


I looked upon the sun, golden, sublime and nothing warmer, more comforting. Or so I thought. It was then I saw her. A brunette beauty, sitting on a deckchair, hey eyes closed, body wrapped in clothes. Unlike most girls here, fishing for attention from stares and comments. I found myself walking towards this girl, I didn't even know who she was, but I couldn't not talk to her. There was something about her, I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I stood next to her but not blocking the sunlight, she felt my presence, she opened her eyes. Oh I have never seen a more beautiful shade of blue, and I am ruler of the ocean. She looked up at me, 
"Yes?" she said shyly, her fingers combing through the curls in her brunette hair. I laughed awkwardly a little, smiled in embarrassment, what was I supposed to say exactly?
"Hi," I stuttered, scratching the back of my neck, she smiled, her what looked like soft lips curved to suit. 


"Hello, mystery man," she responded back, the blue of her eyes waved with the sunlight, I couldn't help but be reminded of my home. It was then she seemed to be shocked, or at least surprised, 
"How come you are holding a Trident, are you fisherman?" She pointed to my trident, it glowing in the golden sunlight. How could she see it? I had only just applied Mist to it, was she this unique? I don't think I could tell her I am a Greek God, mainly since she wouldn't believe me. I'll have to just go along with it, for now, 
"Yeah, I prefer to keep to the more traditional ways, more unique also." I chuckled slightly, gazing into her eyes. 
"Definitely a more unusual method, I'll give you that," she said, stretching into a grin. 


"What is your name? Of course if you don't mind me asking," she inquired. I couldn't lie about my name, I guess she would eventually piece it all together if I spoke with her more,
"Poseidon, and yours?" I got a little closer to her, edging in so I couldn't not miss her speaking,
"Sally, my name is Sally Jackson." She spoke loud and clearly. Sally Jackson, I will not forget that in the immortal time that I have.

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