Percy Jackson PT.1


5. My very (great) at home party?

When I woke up again, the people who have been with me before weren't there anymore, instead was a girl, my age, very beautiful, she had, beautiful storm gray eyes. She was mumbling something about the big three? But I didn't have the strength to ask her at the moment. She stopped what she was doing and she looked down at me and she said hi I'm Lizeth welcome to Camp Half Blood

Before I could respond, she shoved something into my mouth that strangely tasted like popcorn then she ran off Beautiful isn't she? I turned around to see who had spoken but it was just the kid who had been following me. He said, hi I'm sage, your protector and welcome to Camp Half Blood. I stood up and said what cabin is she in? But he said before I can tell you. You really need to see the orientation film we got for you.

The video was really weird but it all made sense it talked about gods and goddesses. But it stated that they are real and that every single one of us has a godly parent and that the twelve cabins represent the 12 Olympian Gods like Zeus and Poseidon And Hera and stuff like that. I asked him which one is my cabin he said your undetermined. I asked him what? He said your godly parent hasn't claimed you has his/her son. Oh ok that makes sense. He later takes me to cabin nine it was small and golden and had one of those signs.. Like a stick with two snakes wrapped around it. I walk inside and everybody there crowded around me asking questions like are you determined? Or not determined? Could you be the one? I felt something push me and I fell not on my back but face first and I got back up and felt blood trickling down my forehead. A guy said sorry and I replied don't worry about it ok and I left to the bathroom I really didn't know where it was but luckily I had sage by my side guiding me.

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