Reduced on slavery

Laura Henriksen was killed on June 4th, 1896. On Halloween 2014, some teenager decides to summon her in order to kill people he doesn't like. As she was summoned, she has to obey, until the Winchesters come and hunt her…

Created for 'The Battle Of The Fandoms'


1. Introduction

                         Monday, June 4th, 1896

I was just finishing dinner, and Roger came to me and called me:

"Laura, I've got something important to tell you. Would you please sit down?"

If I didn't protest, nothing would go wrong; so I obeyed and listened to him.

"I need to know: rumors say you had an affair with Mr. O'Connell, is it right? Don't you dare lying to me!"

Oh, he was drunk again… No way! He's really stupid when he's drunk. His threatening look made me shiver: Why does he believe rumors anyway? Villagers are just trying to destabilize him, and he enters in their game!

"Of course I didn't! These are just rumors! I'd never do that to you! Don't let them laugh at you" I begged him; but as he stood up and went to the cutlery drawer, I knew he didn't believe me…

"Oh yeah? C'mon Laura, tell me the truth and it'll be faster…"

Oh. My. Gosh. What was he doing? I wondered how could Roger change so much since we got married. I suspected a lot of alcohol and a touch of madness.

He walked to me, a dreadful look on his face and the knife in the hand.

"Come on, Roger, please, I love you and you know it, I'd never do that, Roger, Roger please!!" I begged with  imploring eyes. "You can't do that! Please, I'm your wife, I haven't done anyth..."

I couldn't continue, my breath was fading away. I fell, looking at my husband. I saw my hand covered with blood. My blood. I close my eyes and when I opened them, I was standing up, looking at my lifeless body. A woman, introducing herself as a "Ripper", took me away, to the Promised Land.

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