Reduced on slavery

Laura Henriksen was killed on June 4th, 1896. On Halloween 2014, some teenager decides to summon her in order to kill people he doesn't like. As she was summoned, she has to obey, until the Winchesters come and hunt her…

Created for 'The Battle Of The Fandoms'


6. Dénouement

"That's a shame. I liked her. If she wasn't 114 years older than me, I'd we willingly her friend." began Sam as he got in the car.

"Seriously? She still killed two people, a woman and a kid" replied Dean.

"I wasn't her fault, she was honest"

"Yeah, I know that... But they didn't deserve it"

"Yeah... By the way, do you know how she was killed ?"

"No, tell me, nerdy face" joked Dean.

"Shut up, jerk... So there was a night when her husband..." he began as they went away from the town.

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