Reduced on slavery

Laura Henriksen was killed on June 4th, 1896. On Halloween 2014, some teenager decides to summon her in order to kill people he doesn't like. As she was summoned, she has to obey, until the Winchesters come and hunt her…

Created for 'The Battle Of The Fandoms'


5. Chapter 4

I went back to their motel and appeared to them, as the thingy did noise and light once more. I knew how they would react, obviously they wouldn't hug me in the first place. They took their guns and pointed them at me.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen, please, calm down. I just came here to talk."

"Oh yeah?", started the small one. "Did you come here to play with your victims, or to taunt us about being the murderer of the other victims?"

"Come on, gentlemen, let's introduce ourselves, at first. My name is Laura Henriksen. What's yours ?" I said, trying to get friendly.

After a hesitation, he answered: "We're hunters. I'm Dean Winchester, this is my brother Sam."

"Hey why are you chatting with her Dean? We didn't come here to talk around some tea!" interrupted the other one, Sam.

"OK, at least ! I just wanted to talk about the deaths, but we have to be fast, so I'm gonna drive you to my grave. You let me tell the whole story, I let you burn my bones. Deal?" I said.

After a moment, they nodded, and we took the way to the cemetery.

"Why would you want us to kill you again?" asked Sam.

"I just... I suppose it hurts, but I just want this to be over"


I ignored the question, as I wanted to start my story differently. "First of all" I started then, "I'd to apologize for the dead people"

"Yeah, sure, of course" said, ironically, Dean, with a bitter laugh.

"So, ummm, the thing is... it wasn't my fault"

"Obviously, never is" replied Sam.

"No but seriously! I wasn't doing this on purpose ! It would be useless and stupid to kill me only." I started, wondering if Kid Master would feel I was betraying him.

"Could you... be more specific ?", asked Sam, starting to dig my corpse up.

"Well, actually, I was cursed. There's Kid Master, he summoned me with one of my bone and you need to find it and him to finish all of this..." Crap ! Kid Master was calling me, I had to go ! Going away I shouted "You have to find him! He lives on 54, Court Road!" I didn't think if they heard that last part.


"Ah, Ghost Laura, where were you?"

"Oh, I was just spying on the policemen, but I think they spotted me, Master. I'd need more time to really prepare me, I have no element of surprise left."

"I hope you aren't lying" he said laughing. And I hope you'll never find out. "Fine, I'll give you one more day, but don't forget to protect me, don't give me up. You protect me and then you, OK?"

I nodded and ran away to my grave. I hoped they didn't start to have the idea of putting fire to my body. I suddenly went through someone and took a few steps back to see who it was. It was the tallest one, Sam.

"What are you doing here?" he asked me.

"Thank God you're here ! Follow me, with all your stuff, I can bring you to Kid Master." We arrived at the house." Shh, it's the kid... the... the teen"

They went to deal with the kiddo and got out of the house with my leg bone. I guess they burned the rest of my body and that it would be the way I'd die definitely.

"Sure you wanna do this?" asked Dean.

"Yeah, go ahead. I want to go back to where I was"

"Were you... in Paradise?"

"Not... exactly, quite the opposite actually"

"And you'd rather go to Hell than staying here, even cursed?"

"I don't want to be here, I don't care, I don't want anyone to be forced to kill"

"OK then. I guess this is goodbye."

"Farewell, gentlemen, and thank you for your help"

Sam burnt up my last bone and I felt a horrible sensation in my leg while I didn't feel pain since a century.

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