Reduced on slavery

Laura Henriksen was killed on June 4th, 1896. On Halloween 2014, some teenager decides to summon her in order to kill people he doesn't like. As she was summoned, she has to obey, until the Winchesters come and hunt her…

Created for 'The Battle Of The Fandoms'


2. Chapter 1

Where am I? Why am I here? I look around me and all I can see is a graveyard; I'm standing on my own grave, where I can barely read my name: "Laura Henriksen, 1862-1896". Once my eyes got accostumed to dark, I can see a kid coming towards me.

"Ghost, I order you to shut up and help me."

I turned around. Since no one else's there beside the two of us, I guess he's talking to me.

"Umm... Yeah, hello... Could I ask your name, young fellow?"

"Not important. Come on, we haven't got much time. I summoned you because I need your help. I need you to eliminate this woman." He said, holding out a photograph to me.

"Oh, no, why would I do that? Who is she? She seems nice, has she done something wrong?" I said softly.

The woman in the photo was around my age, but prettier. She had very long blond hair and green, piercing eyes. Her cheeks were high and she had a bright smile. She didn't seem like a bad person...

"She's my teacher, and she's aw-ful with me"

"But she doesn't deserve to die, does she?"

"Anyways, according to the summoning spell, you have to obey me."

OK, it was true, I had to give him that. I couldn't refuse his orders, even a murder, and if that kid found how to summon a ghost, it meant he was sure enough and that I couldn't convince him anyway.

And so I went to search the woman's house and slaughtered her, excusing myself at every blow I dealt. That was the first time I killed someone, and although I felt terribly bad for taking life away from someone, I couldn't help being really excited as it was a new experience.

Then I went back to my kid master, and he told me I could take some rest.

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