The Light

A story of depression gone right.


3. Old Friends

       "Hey... My lord you're as pale as a dang vampire!" She exclaimed, she was my age... A friend from church. We don't talk much anymore, because when I go to church now I try to avoid everyone... I don't even believe the church's teachings, I only go because my family makes me. "Yeah, I haven't been out much lately..." I say shrugging, "I'll say, you're whiter than skim milk!" She exclaims, snickering a bit at her little funny.

       "I heard your Granddad died huh?" She asked, "Yeah..." I say shrugging. "Ya'll were pretty close..." She says, "Yeah... I'm taking it kinda hard..." I say shrugging. "Yeah, you went from natural brown hair, to black. You stay inside that much?" She asked, "I only go out to go to church and school." I say shrugging, "Oh... I guess you do." She says nodding. Hazel had beautiful hazel eyes, red hair, a cute button nose, pretty pink lips, and the cutest fashion sense I've ever seen.

       "I like your dress." I saw smiling weakly, "Oh thanks Hun, got it yesterday." She says smiling and doing a spin. Her dress was fingertip length and pink, white, orange, yellow plaid. She wore red slip one, and braided her hair to one side with a red bow. Again she was the cutest girl I've ever seen. She was skinny, but still had curves... I dunno how, she eats more than I ever have.

       "Hey... I know what will cheer you up!" She exclaims perking up, her eyes glowing brighter than ever and her smile making dimples in her cheeks. She took my hand and my face started to heat up, turning bright pink as she pulled me along the pavement. We ended up at the church's graveyard, "Hazel, this isn't helping." I say, "Hold your horses, Kohl." She says leading me farther away, towards the field.

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