The Light

A story of depression gone right.


1. Depression

       "Help me!" He cried, "Please! Dear god, someone help me!" The man yelled as he ran aimlessly through the dark alley way. "You can't run forever old man!" The man in black said, "Please, son! Just leave me alone!" The man's empty plea went unheard, because neither one of them stopped running. The man tripped and fell, he landed on his hands and knees, coughing as it smelled of smoke in the alley. He heard the man behind him open a switchblade, he looked down at the pavement... Awaiting his fate.


       I woke up crying that night. Those awful memories haunting me, refusing to let me rest. Who was the man who killed my grandfather?... And.. And.. Why? I looked up at the ceiling, unable to forget how I sat back, hiding and watched it play out. I was such a coward! I just let the man kill him, I'm nothing now.

       I looked down at my hands and started to cry again, it was morning now. I was becoming more depressed and mute by the passing days. They dragged on, as I had no emotion. I slept mostly, rarely ate, and was mostly mute. My sister had joined the army recently, after Granddad's passing... I had no one to relate to.


       "Come on son, you need to do something! You're taking you're Grandfather's passing worse than anyone else!" My mother cried, wanting her old son back. I looked at her, black circles around my eyes, my skin pale, my eyes red, and my expression emotionless. I guess you could say I looked... Tired... I stare off into the distance, wanting to avoid my mother's eyes. I couldn't bare to look her in the eyes, no when I'm in this condition. "Please, son." She said, taking my hands and making me look at her, "Go outside, do something." She pleaded, it took all of me not to tear up, "Yes Mama." I say, kissing her cheek. 

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