Hurricane Me aka My attempt at an interesting title for a diary

Please enjoy the ramblings of my (maybe not to you but to me) tornado of a life


1. So it begins...

May 26th 2015

Okay, so this marks this marks the beginning of Hurricane Me, as my title suggests. I will do my best to write daily, but alas I forget many things, ironically I do already HAVE a diary... although I suppose technically that is more of my organisation bible! I WOULD GET NOWHERE AND FORGET EVERYTHING WITHOUT IT! (apologies for the capitals, alas i also have a dramatic flare... maybe more like a dramatic inferno...)

^^ This will be the other problem you may encounter in my entries, I am easily distracted and go off on tangents.

SO, I return to my ironic diary, which is purple just btw and slightly larger than a Samsung Galaxy Note, (you know those absolutely HUUUUUGE phones), but it means it fits in all my bags. This factor incredibly important literally this purple book keeps me organised; no easy feat.


Maybe I should just do the normal diary thing and complain about my day, sooooooooooo 

I had to get up at 5am, so I could go to work for 6.30am (technically my pick up time but same difference) anyway it was a fun day, got to hang out with some old friends have a busy, yet sporadically busy day. Cant really reveal details on this... Sorry.

All in all good day at work, in our many breaks played some cards, explaining Rummy to people is not easy, so we moved on to SNAP, which failed even more spectacularly, and so we moved onto the simplest game possible; can you guess?



If you guessed Black Jack or 21 you would be correct, which strangely needed a long explanation.... and no, no gambling involved, just wanting the elated feeling of being superior to the others participating. Basically, WINNING! :D


Today was great though because we finished early!!! WOOP WOOP always a positive, I also bought some cheeky cookies, (actually cheeky, unlike Nandos, because I shouldn't actually eat them... wooo intolerance(s)) but I really wanted some cookies and cookies from Millie's Cookies no less! They are Gods or GODDESSES of the double chocolate miracles. Made even more miraculous because I got the last 4, BOO YAH!


And then dinner was great because I got a Chinese Takeaway, which of course had my staple feature of Singapore Rice Noodles, the ones with chicken, pork and the best ingredient, beansprouts!!! I do like beansprouts. Eaten of course on the sofa while watching Jane the Virgin, my newest guilty pleasure. It's beautifully OTT dramatic, its fantastically mesmerising. Although I am running out of things to WATCH, I love TV and Film, I watch a variety of series but they are all finished!!!

Here is my list:

The Vampire Diaries - DONE

The Originals ( TVD spin off) - DONE

Criminal Minds - DONE

Arrow - DONE

The Flash - DONE

Game of Thrones - on 6/10 ( So not long to go) :(

NCIS - don't actually know because I am really far behind and i wanted to recap everything... so i am currently re-watching series 6

Bones - again don't know, decided to recap, think I am on series 3...


And I bet you are thinking, 'she watches Arrow and The Flash, doesn't she know there's Daredevil on Netflix?'; and yes I know one is DC and one is Marvel but the reason I have not started Daredevil is so I can extend my unknown watching. I have a lot of NCIS and Bones watching to do before I encounter new material, therefore my INGENIOUS plan was to wait until Game of Thrones has finished so then I will have a great 13 hour film to watch. Smart, huh?


I think I may end now... this entry ended diverging from greatly from my original musings; but ahhhh well. I have line learning to do!! MONOLOGUES! MONOLOGUES!






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