Taking Over

You have no more friends, no one knows who you are anymore. Your grades go down, you are alone. But what happens when someone asks if you're okay.


9. My Final answer

A/N I seriously need to make something intense and interesting happen in the story. All that has been going on is highschool, highschool and highschool. Then there's random camping trips and breaking bones. I should start a clean slate after this chapter and make something weird and wacky happen to people. Maybe like aliens invade the planet yeah... like I will ever write about aliens. STORY IDEA! Well let's get started with a new chapter of this book... Lee

Winter's P.O.V

I stared down at my spained ankle. It was just slightly red. Why panic over something so minor? I can still walk. I mean I ran down a whole flight of stairs to go home today. And to make my matters worse it was already dark before I got back onto the streets. I took a deep breath and walked slowly out of the hospital. I looked both ways before running across the car park. Then as I knew it I started heading home...

I quickly walked down streets, alongside roads. I didn't take my usual shortcut through the park near my school, you never know what creepy men could be hanging out there. Maybe even Kurt Cobain's Ghost. I started shivering. Why did have to be Kurt? Such a wonderful rockstar! 

I sprinted around the park so I didn't come across anything strange. You never know! You. Never. Know. I stared into the park. No one who there. Thank goodness! But then something caught my hazel eyes. It lowered onto the field and sat there for a bit before, this bright light shone out of the machine. Please don't tell me this is the start of an alien invasion. I have seen those movies. And they don't look fun! 

I stood there, glued to the sight of a random ship, machine thingy. I kept my eyes peeled as I wandered the rest of the way home. Make sure no alien. Or man sneaks up on me. 

I just couldn't get the thought of seeing aliens out of my head. It was weird. Freaking. AND SO FUCKIN' AWESOME! I have always wanted to be abducted by aliens. Imagine it! It would be a whole new opportunity. 

I arrived home safe and sound. What does safe and sound even mean? I know what the safe part means, but not the sound. Was I loud? Or silent? Oh well... 

"Hey Winter, home from the hospital?" It was Dad sitting there. "Yeah!" "How's your ankle?" He asked. "Well I can walk so, fine!" 

"Cool, by the way your brother is coming home tomorrow!" Dad sounded excited. "Really? When was the last time I saw him?" 

"I think it was 2010, he has been super busy. You know being in the music industry is tough." 

"I do know that, and any way and he's only my half brother!" 

"I know, its such a shame his mother died as well." Dad had a flash back. "Well, he'll get to tell me everything that has happened with his life since I last saw him. And I do already know that he his in a band. Duh! I was one of the first to know!" I went up to my room and fell asleep. Sleep. Sleeping. Sleeping with... Then I woke up just the minute I got to sleep. There were heaps of sirens going off (Ha!). "Seriously?" I shoved a followed over my head and I tried to sleep. Yes, it is hard to sleep with sirens going off. 

Then the sirens brought back the memory of what strange and weird thing I saw earlier. The machine, ship thingy. I sat back up and walked over to my window. The curtains weren't pulled shut, so I didn't have to open them. I tried to make out what was going on. And...

I didn't see anything, must be down the road. Damn! 

*Time skip to the morning*

"Winter? Are you awake?" I opened my eyes to see Alex standing there. "What the well are you doing here?" I asked moaning. 

"Oh, right! Yeah, you know how my parents are out of town?" I nodded. 

"Yeah, last night I heard some weird noises so i went to investigate and this weird, freaky shaped creature in the darkness out the back. So then I freaked out, packed my bag and now I'm here!" 

"Does Dad know?" 

"Duh! What kinds guy wouldn't ask your Dad before coming to stay the night?" I raised my eyebrow. "Oh!" 

"So your staying here for a while?" I asked confused. 

"Yeah, are you doing anything tonight?" Alex asked walking up to Gerard's tank. 

"Turns out, I am. I'm going to see fall out boy with my friend Ally and her cousin Luke." 

"That's right, I forgot!" Alex picked up the turtle. It almost looked like Gerard mouthed the word 'help' to me. I chuckled. "What you laughing at?" Alex frowned. 


Alex put Gerard back in his tank. "There is something I need to ask you Winter?" Alex stared at my walls. He stood in front of the MCR one. 

"What is it?" 

"On Monday, would you like to come on a road trip?" 

I paused. "To where?" 

"I know this city doesn't exist but, we are pretending to go to battery City." 

"Did you get that from My Chemical Romance's video for na na na?"  Alex smirked. "You guessed it!" 

"Cool, I'll come!"

I smiled. "This is awesome, you know!" Alex shouted.

"Whose coming with us?" I asked. 

"Its a surprise!" Alex whispered. "Damn it! Why? I need to know who else is coming!" 

"You have to wait, I'll see you later after the concert okay?" 

I nodded. "See ya!" 

​A/N Guess while going to battery City with them. If you guess someone by the names of... Party Poison, kobra kid, Mike Ro Wave. I can't wait to write this chapter. -Lee

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