Taking Over

You have no more friends, no one knows who you are anymore. Your grades go down, you are alone. But what happens when someone asks if you're okay.


5. Morning, Paramore Fan!

Hey there, lately here in NZ it has been cold. And yes, over here it is winter. 

Winter's P.O.V

I woke up inside the tent. Well, where else would I be? It was dead quiet around at Sapphire's place. I noticed Alex wasn't around. So I went back asleep. Just as I fell asleep again I heard music start playing. It was only quiet but I could still hear it. I sounded like. 

"Paramore!" I whispered to myself. I listened to it for a bit, quietly singing along. Then I noticed it was Paramore, Here we go again. From their first album All We Know Is Falling. Then I noticed someone else singing along to it too. I sat up and tried to guess who was singing but, it was waaaayy to quiet to make out who it is. I crawled out of my tent. 

I stood and looked at Sapphire's house. Nothing from over there. I walked up to her house. No music here. Then I saw Alex singing in the corner to himself. "Nice Music, I love Paramore!" I called over to Alex. Alex stopped singing as the song changed to Never Let This Go. 

"Oh, you again". Alex sighed. "Well, you're nice aren't you!" I wandered up to him. "Did I wake you up?" "No". Alex went back to singing along. This song was quite sad, but at the same time. Inspiring!!! I kept listening to it. "So what are we going to do today?" I asked Alex. He ignored me. How rude (Oh no, I'm turning into steph from Full House). 

"Alex!" I shook his shoudlers. "What?" He asked puzzled. "I asked you a question, you could at least go I dunno!" "Fine then, I dunno! Go ask Cal or Sapphire". Alex walked off with his music playing. He is so nice, ain't he? 

*1 Whole Hour Later* 

Sapphire and Cal finally woke up. "Good morning!" Cal yelled waking up Sapphire in the process. "Cal, you know is fucking rude to wake up other people!" Sapphire growled. "Morning guys!" I said cheerfully from Sapphire's deck. "You know, Cal woke me up again!" Sapphire sighed. 

"Hey, don't swear!" We heard someone say from around the side of Sapphire's house. "Who is it?" Sapphire shouted out to them. They appeared from around the corner. It was a familiar looking dude. "Oh, Hey Ashton!" Sapphire sighed. 

"Hey guys, what are you up to?" Ashton was so cute and adorable. He wore a black bandana, and a ac/dc tank top. "Ash, when was the last time I saw you?" Alex asked. "I dunno, summer camp back in '09!" Ashton had a very strong Australian accent. "Ashton, you sound a bloody kangaroo!" I made fun of his accent. "And you sound like a whore!" I gasped. How could such a kangaroo say that. 

Ashton and I started arguing. But I did hear Alex say. "They're gonna get on just fine!" 

"So you come in here and just insult me. How dare you?" I shouted. "Well, my accent is very cool, so don't make fun of it. And I was just trying to make us even!" Ashton said back to me. 

"Well, we're not even because you went way too far!" And that was the end of our argument. Everything was really awkward after that. "Okay, who want's breakfast!" Alex offered. We all followed Sapphire into her house, on a hunt to find food. Sapphire opened her cupboards. And there was a ton of pizza ingredients. 

"Sapphire, seriously?" Alex said behind me. We all stared at him. Ashton was glaring instead of staring. "Sorry, I do like pizza though!" Alex tried to make everybody stop staring at him. "I'll shut up now". 

"Please do so!" Sapphire grabbed a whole ton of random pizza stuff and started making pizza. "Why are we having pizza for breakfast?" Cal asked. Sapphire stopped. "Cal, you have eaten pizza before haven't you. And also should know that Michael one of you're friends eats pizza all day everyday. So why can't I. And Calum. It's not illegal either!" Sapphire said a whole ton of stuff that I didn't take any notice of.  


"I'm Bored, help me Calum!" Sapphie groaned as we sat on the couch absolutely doing nothing. "I have a question!" I said. "Yes?" Sapphire kept staring at the ceiling. "What was that loud band last night?" Alex started laughing. "Why you laughing?" Calum pouted. "I am so wrong!" Alex kept laughing. 

"That loud bang, we Calum banging his hollow head on a fucking tent pole!" Sapphire folded her arms. "Hey, that really hurt you know!" Sapphire face palmed. 

"If you're so bored then why don't we go and watch the battle of the bands tonight. It's just down the road. And it's free to get inside". Ashton offered. 

"Good idea, let's go and see battle of the bands. DO you know some of the bands performing tonight though?" I asked. "Yeah, there is heaps like... PVRIS, Courage My Love, Twenty-One Pilots, New Politics, Icon For Hire, The Dirty Youth and heaps more!" 


And that we another random chapter of this random book. I hope you guys all enjoyed it. 

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