Taking Over

You have no more friends, no one knows who you are anymore. Your grades go down, you are alone. But what happens when someone asks if you're okay.


8. Monday Mayhem

A/N Hey peeps, I'm back with another chapter of dis weird book. I hope it's good enough for ya!!!! 

Winter's P.O.V 

I woke up again, like every Monday morning. Then I realized that today was the beginning of the last week of school before the winter holidays. OMG!!! I can't wait until this weekend before I go and see Fall out boy live. I woke up and stared at my clock. 7:01am. It's not that late. I got out of my warm bed and sat up and stared across the room. 

"My alarm didn't go off, weird!" Then my alarm went off. Famous Last Words, Winter! I walked over to my pile of clothes on the other side of my room. I started hunting for something I could wear. I found a plain black T-shirt and some plain black MC hammer pants. Why MC Hammer? 

Then I chucked my shoes on and sat back down on my bed and stared at my clock. "Why did that have to only take five minutes?" I lay back on my bed. Bored. Then my phone rang, it started playing kids in the dark. It must be Alex. I answered with a yawn. 


"Hey Winter, you might want to look outside!" Alex said, I could sense he was smiling. 

"Why would I want to look out the window?" I got up and opened my curtains leading out onto my deck. I opened the sliding door and stood out in the cold. I tried to make out what I was meant to be looking at. 

"Are you looking out the window yet?" I heard Alex say. 

"Nope, I'm outside!" 

"Are you excited?" 

"No, I don't see anything!" 

"What do you mean, you can't see?" 

"My eyes are still closed, I'm not awake yet!" 

"I'm still waiting for you to have a look at what's going on outside!" Alex seemed very excited. 

"Why are you so excited? Nothing's going on outsi-" I finally opened my eyes and saw, what I think is Snow!!! When was the last time it snowed here? 

"Are you still there Alex?"

"Yep, I'm still here!" 

"Do we have to go to school today? I'm confused!" 

"The bad thing about this is that we do have to go to school still, but we could pull a prank on someone with the snow!" 

"Good idea, I'll meet you outside the office today!" 

"It's a deal, see you there!" 

I sighed and put my phone into my pocket. Then I grabbed my bag and sprinted downstairs, I didn't trip time. I ran into the kitchen and I opened the fridge to see what I could eat. I finally found my left over pizza from last night's pizza night with Dad. 

I ate a piece quickly, then I dropped my bag by the front door and I ran back upstairs. I wandered over to my silent tank where Gerard should be. I saw Gerard in his pool swimming around in circles. I picked him up and placed him on my homework table. He glanced at my writing book. 

"Yes, Gerard those are words!" I grinned slightly. Then Gerard did his famous grin as well. Then I put him back in his tank, where Gerard practices for his next swimming race (Just joking). 

I went back downstairs to go out the front door but then, Dad came downstairs. 

"Morning Winter!" He rubbed his eyes. 

"Hey Dad, I'm just heading to school!" I went to grab the doorknob. 

"I'm not going to work today, it's closed because of heavy snow." 

"That doesn't mean my school will be closed! Does it? And I have a lot to do today anyway. So I have to go!" 

"I haven't got a call from the school yet to say it's closed, but if you get there and it's closed just text me and you can go off with your friends!" 

I ran out the front door waving to Dad who started making himself a hot chocolate for the morning. I sprinted away from my house and down the street. I was running so fast that I slipped over and fell onto some snow off the sidewalk. 

"Fuck! Damn!" I shouted out in pain. Then I saw someone across the road walking along. I looked like... "Alex!" I called over to him. He turned his head to face me. And when he saw me he ran carefully across the road to me. 

"A little help please!" I said anxiously. "It's okay, you just fell over. You do know that falling over is normal!" 

"Yes, I'm not dumb! Am I?" I held my ankle in pain. Please not the ankle, Nothing but the ankle!!! 

"Can you walk, just get up and try!" Alex helped me up back onto my feet. As I put my right foot onto the ground I fell back down and lost my balance. "Shit!" 

"okay, I'll carry you to school and you can get the school nurse to take a look at your ankle!" 

"No shit sherlock!" Alex picked me up and carried me to school. Man, I hated this moment of life. 

As we entered the school ground people gave us weird looks, like we were the new kids or maybe we were dating. None of these answers were true (Duh!). Alex sprinted to the office to get help for my ankle. I sighed as we entered the nurse's office. 

"Why today! I had so much to do!!!" I said pissed off. 

The school's nurse was really nice. Her name is Sarah. And we call her Sarah, not Mrs. Urie. She was really pretty, she makes the guys go crazy. Well, she's married so nobody can take her. 

I stared down at my swollen ankle. "I am so bored already!" 

"This will only take a few minutes!" Sarah looked at my ankle. "I'll give you some crutches and you can go to hospital after school." She said. "Thanks!" And I hopped out of there and to class. 

Class started late because Michael was nowhere to be seen. 

"Has anybody seen Michael?" The teacher asked over and over again. We all had no idea. 

But then Michael came running through the door. "Michael where have you been?" The teacher asked shocked. "Oh I was running from this creepy old man down my street! Nothing to be worried about No! Apart from the fact I was running away from bullets and throwing knives!" We all went silent. There was a few whispers between the class. 

"I'm glad your still alive!" And Michael came and sat at the back off the class. Everybody's eyes followed him. Apart from mine. I stared at my ankle, hoping it will be alright for the concert. 

All day my mind kept wondering about my ankle. What will happen to it? Will it be okay? Will I be able to go to the concert on Saturday? Until I finally got my answer at 3:30pm When I went to the hospital to get my ankle checked out. 

A/N Yah! Another amazing chapter finished!!! Me so happy. Hopefully this book has been awesome and you people are loving it - Lee

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