Taking Over

You have no more friends, no one knows who you are anymore. Your grades go down, you are alone. But what happens when someone asks if you're okay.


1. How it all started (Prologue)

It was a cold day, it was friday. I was at school, my boring school. It was last period and I was waiting for the bell to ring because I was so excited about this afternoon. I was going on a camping trip with my friends. 

Hi I'm Winter. I'm 17 years old and I am finishing Highschool this year. I turn 18 in December and I am planning to have a massive party. I'm not emo, or popular, or special. I seem to be losing friends every single day. I don't know what's wrong with me. I love Music. My favourite Band is Black Veil Brides. No one else at my school that I know of likes them, like nobody has ever heard of them. They haven't picked up their music, those people don't know anything good about music anyway. 

I wouldn't class myself as a Tomboy either. I only hang out with guys and like, one other girl. And that one other girl is my best friend. Sapphire. Sapphire has heaps of friends. She's quite popular.

I live with my Dad, and only my Dad. I'm an only child so, I'm used to being alone. "Hey Winter!" I heard someone whisper my name, I turned to face Sapphire who was, sitting behind me. She was also holding a note. "Take this." She continued. I grabbed the note, it was folded in half so I unfolded it. It said. 

Next weekend, I have been invited to a Fall Out Boy concert with my cousin, Luke. Winter, would you like to come along? 

I finished reading the note and looked up at the teacher, Ms Young. And if you are wondering if Ms Young is young. You are totally wrong. She is a old hag, just like our Math teacher. It's almost like every teacher here is a hag, apart from our Music teacher. Mr Hurley. Whenever I think of him I straight think of Fall out boy's drummer. Andy Hurley. I'm Surprised I haven't asked him if he is related to him. Maybe I should. 

"Winter, what is that n you're hand?" Ms Young asked as she shot me an evil glare. "It's a stupid Note." I mumbled. "Come to the front of the class and read it out please, you know I don't like notes getting handed out in the middle of class time!" She explained for the 600th millionth time. 

"Next weekend, I have been invited to a Fall out boy concert with my cousin Luke." And everybody's heads shot straight at Sapphire. I continued. "Winter, would you like to come along?" 

Everybody stared at me. Then one of the guys at the back raised his hand. "Do you even like Fall Out Boy?" He asked rudely. "yeah, who doesn't?" "Winter please got and sit back down at you're desk?" Ms Young made me go and sit back down. Then the bell rang. Ms Young ran out of the classroom, like she was happy to get away from us. After she left everybody turned to me. 

"What?" I asked. Then they all grabbed paper balls and started throwing them at me. This was not funny at all. Some of them even had staples on them. I ran out of the classroom as fast as I could, Sapphire ran after me. As I sprinted down the hallway I ran right into our new student, Michael. He was friends with Sapphire's cousin Luke. 

To make my matters worse, Michael was holding a slushy. So I ended up wearing it, and everybody saw, and laughed their heads off. I kept running, I heard Michael shout sorry behind me but, I kept running. I could hear Sapphire running after me. 

About 20 minutes of running I finally got home. I stared up at my front door for a bit, remembering my friend, Taylor. He was everything to me. He made me pancakes too. My favourite meal. I wish he never passed away like that. It should of been me. 

Then I walked inside like nothing happened at school. "Hey sweetie." Dad said as I started walking upstairs. I looked down at him, he was in the kitchen trying to get my cat Cookie, off the bench. I gave him a little grin. Then kept walking. I heard him say to my cat. "Why are you so smart?" 

My Dad wasn't very smart at all, he works in Law though. He is a major business man. He owns three popular pet shops. And yes, we have a lot of pets. As I got into my room the first animal that greeted me was my pet turtle, Gerard. And also yes, I did name my turtle after Gerard Way, the lead singer of My chemical romance. Yep, the one and only Gerard Way. My Dad has met him, and it's also a really long story how (I am not going to tell you). 

I stared at Gerard for a bit, and he stuck his tongue out at me to cheer me up. This turtle would be very useful to teach me how to dance. I know what you're thinking. Gerard can Dance! 

I put Gerard on my bedroom floor and I put on My Chemical Romance to cheer myself up. But it went straight to Helen, (This song makes me cry). I quickly switched the song before my tears started flowing down my face. My stereo switched to teenagers. Then that was when Gerard started dancing, at first he just bobbed up and down then... Gerard did a forward roll towards me. All this did was make me chuckle. I could never ask for a better turtle!!! 

Gerard kept dancing, and he finished off with a roll onto his back. I clapped for him and he grinned happily. I picked up Gerard and brought him downstairs so he wouldn't get lonely. Since he is the most active pet in my bedroom. 

"Hey Winter, do you like grilled cheese sandwiches?" Dad asked grating cheese. "Sure." And Dad continued. I opened the fridge to see if we had some fresh potatoes (Gerard Likes potatoes). We did so I grabbed a few and put them on the bench for me to cut up. Gerard stared at the potatoes and back up at me. As I cut the potatoes he grinned. 

"Here you go Gerard, enjoy you're dinner!" I smiled for the first time today. Then I suddenly remembered that I'm going camping today with Sapphire and the guys. I sprinted back upstairs and Dad stopped me to ask why I was in such a hurry. "Winter, why are you in such a hurry?" 

"I forgot about camping tonight with Sapphire, I need to pack my bag." And I continued up the stairs. I fell into my room and I whizzed around trying to find random clothes to wear for it, but then I realised I forgot about my wet shirt from Michael's slushy. I quickly put on a My Chemical Romance t-shirt. 

And then stuffed all my clothes into one of my bags. I walked casually back downstairs into the kitchen, I wasn't in a hurry now. "So, I almost forgot to ask, who are you going camping with?" Dad asked cutting up ham. I licked my lips to the sight of ham. "I'm going there with Sapphire, Cal and Alex." I sat down across from Dad. 

"Oh, I thought you Hated Alex." 

"No, he was just weird at the beginning. But I think that's normal!" 

Dad nodded in agreement. 

*20 Minutes later* 

"And here is you're amazing grilled cheese sandwich, Winter!" Dad put a plate in front of me with a massive Sandwich on top of it. I got straight into it! Gerard stared at what was in my hands. "No, mine!" I pouted. Gerard did a cheeky grin. I smiled back at him. 

The there was loud knock on the front door, I ran to get it. I slipped over of the rug in front of the door and Dad laughed a bit. I opened the door on the ground, and I saw standing there... Sapphire, Jimmy (Sapphire's Turtle), Calum and Alex. I welcomed them inside. 

And this is my new book, taking over!!! I hope you guys enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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