Taking Over

You have no more friends, no one knows who you are anymore. Your grades go down, you are alone. But what happens when someone asks if you're okay.


3. Camping is so fun (Not)

Sup peeps, I am so weird for saying something random like that. I hope the last chapter wasn't too short (I get it, it was) Peace out Lee!!!

Winter's P.O.V 

Sapphire disconnected her phone from the chord that is connected onto the radio so you can play youtube. Sapphire turned on the radio instead. And the news was on. 

"If you have tuned just now there is so breaking news, there is a psycho that has escaped the local metal unit. He escaped about 2 hours ago and could be anywhere." The person on the radio said quickly. "And just in we got another report, the psycho has an axe from a local farm. And he had b-headed 5 people already. So if you're in the local camping ground, get out of there NOW!!!!!!!!!!!" 

"Oh shit, that's us!" Alex screamed. "Guys, they could be meaning the other camping ground." I said calmly. "There is no other camping ground." Sapphire raised her eyebrow. "So he's around here?" I asked confused. "yep". Sapphire put her feet up on the steering wheel. "Then we need to get out of here!" Alex shouted at her. "Don't be so cliché, everything will be okay." Sapphire stared out the front window. "I'm not being cliché, I'm telling the truth, and I don't want to die on a stupid camping trip, Sapphire we need to get out of here!" Alex started calming down. "Fine, but there is nothing better than coming close to death. Isn't there Cal?" Sapphire sighed. 

But then there was a crack outside, we all froze. And we all turned our heads towards the windows on the right side of us. Towards the camping ground. "Sapphire, this might be a good time to get out of here!" I whispered. "yeah." And Sapphire tried to start the car. We all hoped that it would start. 

"Damn it, the car battery is dead!" Sapphire punched the horn. Then we heard rustling coming from outside. I sunk down into my seat, as the others stared out the window. "Sapphire, why the hell did you do that, now we're going to die!" Calum whispered almost yelling at her. "Guys calm down, it might not even be an axe murderer, it could be Michael eating pizza. Anything is possible!" Sapphire smirked and ruffled her hair. 

I sunk down as far as I could go in this car. I'm not going to die on a camping trip! I closed my eyes, dreaming of being back home. Safe and sound. "Winter, we're going to be alright. Nothing is going to happen to us. And if something does, I'm getting my shotgun out of the boot!" Sapphire whispered. It sounded like she was about to cry, just like me. But Sapphire never crys, she shouts with anger and gets into punch ups at school. 

Sapphire prepared herself to reach for her gun. She's not afraid to use it, or kill someone. Sapphire has never been in prison but, if she has she would be in there for a good 100 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not really she never do anything that bad to even get in there for a month. 

There was another crack from outside, I reached for Alex's hand. I grabbed his hand and held as hard as I could. Sapphire grabbed her shotgun and loaded it. Then. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" We all screamed at the top of our lungs, the axe murderer came into view. Sapphire opened her car door and started shooting into the darkness at the axe murderer. I held onto Alex for dare life. I don't want to die, I don't wanna!!! Then Sapphire shot one last time and the axe murderer dropped to the ground. He cried out in pain. 

Sapphire swung the empty gun around her shoulder. And she did a battle cry, as loud as she could. Then Sapphire got back into the car. She was puffing with anger. We all stared at her and clapped. "Save it!" Then Sapphire rang someone, I think it was Luke. Luke could jump start the car and we could leave. 

*1 hour later* 

A car pulled up beside us and there was Luke holding a jump start chord, he opened the car hood up and connected the chord. The Luke switched his car on and then our battery started charging as we drove along. And Sapphire sped back to safe ground. 

I hope that wasn't too over dramatic. I think it might have been then not at all. I hope you enjoyed!!!!

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