Taking Over

You have no more friends, no one knows who you are anymore. Your grades go down, you are alone. But what happens when someone asks if you're okay.


6. Before The Battle of the Bands

Hey guys, I'm back again with dis book. Peace out!!! 

Winter's P.O.V 

Ashton handed me the note of all the bands at the battle tonight. I read it in my head. 

Courage My Love
The Dirty Youth
Air Go 
Twenty-One Pilots
New Politics
State Champs
Icon For Hire 

Neck Deep 

And the only weird thing about all of those bands, I know who they all are. I Love PVRIS! They are probably my favourite out of them all. I kept reading the note over and over again. I could feel all the excitement building up inside of me. Could I be able to meet all of these amazing bands. And if I could, how would I react? 

I started doing a lot of thinking about tonight. What am I going to wear? What am I going to eat before it? Will I swear? And if so, will I insult Ashton? That's stupid, or is it? I stopped thinking and stared at the ceiling of Sapphire's house. "Wow, Sapphire has an amazing ceiling!" I said a little too loudly. "I knew you were weird, you compliment ceilings!" I heard someone say form Sapphire's kitchen. 

I shifted my eyes over to them. It was Ashton, he had his eyebrow raised as well. "Well, aren't you something special!" I said sheepishly. "Yeah, I am!" Ashton said flipping his hair. I pretended to choke. "You're something special too!" Ashton said sarcastically. "Well thanks, asshole!" And I left the room and outside to where Alex was listening to PVRIS. 

"What's up Alex?" Alex turned around a stood his ground. "The sky, you know that joke is getting old Winter!" Alex stayed where he was. "Are you excited about tonight?" I tried to start a convo. "Yeah, but my band could be better than all of those bands!" Alex sighed. "Did you enter it? Because if you didn't you made a mistake". Alex folded his arms. "I know, but Jack didn't want us to sign up, he's really-". I stopped him from continuing. "He's shy?" Alex nodded. "I don't know why, I mean he is just a really mental person!" He continued. 

"Why can't you just except that Alex? It's Jack, and Jack can be whatever the hell he wants to be!" 

"I know, but I just really want the world to know about us!" 

"Okay, but you guys can work something out! How about you ask Jack if he wants to come tonight, I'm sure he'll want to perform after seeing all of these amazing bands!" 

"But Jack has one problem". Alex paused. 

"What do you mean, by problem?" I started getting worried, could this be bad? 

"Jack, he is..." 


"Jack is, bipolar!" Alex sighed again. 

"And, tell me more". I could feel my expression go all sad, please don't tell me that Jack-

"The other day, Jack tried to". Alex swallowed. "He tried to... Kill himself!" I suddenly became really sad. "He isn't allowed to go anywhere, not even school!" I gave Alex a hug. 

"Just don't tell anyone about him!" I nodded. 

"Winter, you want someone more Pizza?" Ashton came outside holding a plate. I shooed him off, Ashton growled. I stopped hugging Alex, but he held onto me. "Alex, please stop hugging me?" I asked kindly. Alex stood back. "Ashton, what about Pizza?" I called out to him. Ashton pulled the finger at me. How Rude. What an ass!!!! 

I walked back inside to Where Sapphire was brushing her hair. She was in her room, but Calum wasn't there. "Hey Sapphire!" I said trying to make myself sound happy. "My hair is being a total bitch!" Sapphire yelled. Her hair was all fuzzy. "Okay, hand me the hair brush!" I declared. Sapphire handed me the hair brush. 

"Man you're hair is evil!" I said trying to brush the back of it. "I told you!" Sapphire stared at herself through the mirror. "This going to be a long night!" 

And that was another random chapter of taking over. I like pie!!!






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