Taking Over

You have no more friends, no one knows who you are anymore. Your grades go down, you are alone. But what happens when someone asks if you're okay.


7. Battling Bands

A/N Hey Lee here, oh yeah, I should have better grammar because Ally is raging my mistakes. I'm so sorry about those, I rush a lot of things. I hate waiting so much, I usually go psycho after it. I hope this book is awesome and random people of the world are enjoying it so, I'll get to the point before I piss you off (Like I already have). 

Winter's P.O.V

I finally untangled Sapphire's tough-ass hair, I had to brush and brush and brush. Sapphire almost fell asleep in the process. "Sapphire no wonder why you have morning rages, your hair is so rude!" I stated. "I knew that and anyway I want to look amazing for these bands tonight, you never know. They might fall in love with me!" Sapphire flipped her hair. 

"Yeah, but what about Cal?" 

"What about him?" 

"You are dating him, right?" 

Sapphire pouted. "Yeah!" She crossed her arms. "Calum complains a lot, He likes to piss me off all the time!" She shared. 

"That doesn't surprise me!" I finally finished brushing Sapphire's really rude hair and I through her hair brush across the room. "Hey don't treat my hair brush like that!" Sapphire shouted. I shrugged it off and walked back downstairs to where Ashton (YUCK!) was. 

"So is Sapphire and the whore done?" Ashton said arrogantly. 

I ignored it. "So, whore? How has your first day with me been?" He spat out. I charged at him. "How dare you say that you faggot!" I said deviously. 

"Wow, Calum down Chick!" I clenched my fists. "You were so lucky I didn't throw a punch at you, jerk!" I backed off. Ashton leaned against the kitchen bench, smirking. "You can suck my ash!" He smirked across the room. I glared at him and mouthed. "Watch your back!" 

I wandered outside into the slightly cold air, a shiver was sent down my spine. I crawled back into my tent. I scuttled around for my jersey. It was black and had RIOT! written on the back of it. I couldn't find it until Alex crawled inside. "Hey Winter, what are you up to?" He asked. "Looking for an important piece of clothing!" 

"You're RIOT! Jersey. I haven't seen it!" Alex declared. I sighed. "I bet Ashton took it". I whispered to myself. Alex then asked me another random question. "Why do you think he took your Jersey?" 

"Because he's a total jerk!" I crawled back outside into the freezing air and back inside to destroy Ashton for taking a precious item of mine. Ashton was sitting on the Couch next to one than other, Calum. I glared at Ashton from the back door. He didn't notice me there, I stormed into the kitchen pretending I wasn't inside for Ashton (I wasn't anyway). Ashton smirked. "Why are you in here Slut Face?" I clenched my fists on my kitchen bench. Ashton raised an eyebrow. 

"Why you so worked up?" Ashton sounded worried for me. I shrugged. "C'mon there has to be something wrong with you, what is it?" He was worried. Super worried. Ashton had a sympathetic look on his face. "Nothing, nothing you would be worried about anyway!" I lied. 

"Well we better get going to the Battle of the bands, I want to beat the crowds". Everybody followed Ashton out the front door. I stood behind, I stayed in the kitchen waiting for Sapphire. 

She then finally came down. "Sorry I took so fuckin' long, I couldn't find my stupid pants!" 

"it's a good thing you found them otherwise you would be going pantsless!" I chuckled. "Yeah, lego!" I followed Sapphire outside to where the others were and off we went down the street towards our school. 

The Battle of the Bands was outside in the school stadium, it was a beautiful night. The skies were clear, the moon was shining and the stars was sparkling as usual. I sighed. I was walking behind Alex, all by myself at the back of the pack. Alex looked back at me as the others laughed with each other. 

"Winter, you seem sad. Is something up?" Alex had a worried look on his face. "No, nothing is wrong with me. Just go and walk with the others. Ahead of me!" I mumbled sadly. "Okay, but if there is anything wrong just tell me, I'll keep it a secret". Alex sighed himself. "Now's not the time for secrets". And I fastened my walking speed. 

*At my school* 

We arrived just as a hell a lot of people were. I think we left at the right time. I saw many famous faces I've seen before, I started becoming super excited. I have never been to a festival/Battle, tonight is going to be amazing. 

We walked up to the ticket counter to get our tickets (Or maybe V.I.P passes). Ashton pulled out his wallet same as Alex. They both handed the person $200 each. Wow! I could do with that amount of money. The guy handed us 5 tickets for all of us. My seat number was really close to the stage, same with the others. 

We then entered the front doors to the stadium, there was lights all over the place, cameras and people flooding into their seats. Then I looked over at the table of band merchandise. PVRIS was the first band shirt I saw. I handed the guy 35 dollars for it. He handed it to me but, I looked back at the guy again. He grinned. "Luke is that you?" 

Luke's grin turned into a smile. "When was the last time I saw you?" 

"I dunno, ages!" 

My sadness turned into joy. 

"So Sapphire told me your coming to the Fall Out Boy concert with us next weekend. Is that true?" 

"Hell yeah, who wouldn't want to go see Fall Out Boy. That chance doesn't come up everyday!" I stated. Then someone grabbed my hand and dragged me away from Luke. 

"Bye Luke!" I waved as I was pulled into a crowd of people. I looked ahead of me and it was Ashton pulling me along to our seats. "What the hell Ashton, I was talking to someone!" 

"Yeah and I was taking you to you're seat. You should thank me!" I rolled my eyes and found my seat and sat next to... "Ashton!" I shouted. "Why do I have to sit next to you?" 

Ashton realized he gave me next to him and he jumped. "Oh god, this isn't going to end well". Ashton said under his breath. "I thought you hated me?" 

"That might be a lie!" Ashton bit his lip. Wow, he's going to far. This biting lip this was so fuckin' hot, I just wanted to kiss him. 

"So who are you excited for the most tonight?" Ashton asked me. I answered with... 

"PVRIS! I love them so much. I've even got their album, white noise." 

"Cool, I'm looking forward to Twenty-One Pilots!" 

"They're alright!"

"Alright, they are AWESOME!!!!" Ashton screamed cheerfully. From then, Ashton and I had a convo about bands. 

Then the lights dimmed down, everyone went silent and then PVRIS came out. The whole crowd of people started cheering, including me. 

"You guys are going to have a whole heap of fun tonight!" Lyndsey (Lead singer of PVRIS) said. Everyone cheered. Then PVRIS started to perform. "I hope you guys love this song!" She started to sing. 

I straight away knew it was St.Patrick, I started to sing along, with joy. 

After PVRIS performed it was Courage my love then... The Dirty Youth. Followed by Twenty-One Pilots and many many more amazing bands that I had a blast seeing perform. 

A/N Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed this amazing chapter of this amazing book. I am so proud of what I have written so far XP - Lee


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