Faded (cameron dallas)


2. you need extra attention.

Cameron's POV

I hate myself for tricking Tegan into thinking I am bad at math. I have a A in that class and never gotten a F. The one I showed her was English.

I just have to have her. She is so perfect. Brown hair, brown eyes, perfect lips, cute small nose. There is nothing not to like about her.

Shit she will be here in 5.

Tegan's POV

"Hey you ready." I said with a smile as cameron opened the door.

"Yeah make yourself at home. We will be going to my room to study." Cameron said

YES! I can get him alone! I know he tricked me and he is an A student. Which i think is cute. My plan is to say he needs each help to slide into them DM'S (😂😂😂)

"Ok let's get started with PI over E squared." I said handing him the problem.

The rest of the night he acted like he got some wrong.

( 1 hour later )

"Cameron I know u are an A student in math and you faked this to get close to me." I said at the end.

"Look I'm really sorry it's just your really great and beautiful and.........." He said as I cut him off by kissing him.

"I want to be with you too." I said smiling as did he.

"So I guess I'm getting extra attention?" He said smiling.

"Let's go out to dinner tomorrow but I can't tell you where!" He said grabbing my hands

"It's a date." I said

Driving home I got a text from Cameron?

C- hey

T-y r u texting me I just left your house like ten minutes ago.

C-but I miss you let's do the dinner tonight at 10!

T-let me check with my mom

T-she said yes

C-great pick you up at say 8:45 ish

T- Ok but what do I wear


T-see you then cam

C-ohhhhh we are doing nicknames see us later T

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