"You have to choose, Emily. Me, or him."


8. 8

I woke up in a room which wasn't mine…

I slowly sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eye.

The walls were broken white, and there were a few paintings used as decoration. There was simple furniture: A dark blue desk, white chair, and a single bed.

Where was I?!

I started to hyperventilate, and laid a hand on my chest to feel my heartbeat.

It wasn't steady, I could tell.

I ran towards the door, on the point of opening it, when someone opened it form the other side.

The door came in contact with my nose, making me fall to the floor.

"Ouch!" I yelped.

My hand flew up to my nose, holding it.

I felt a warm liquid run down my face. I licked some of it with the tip of my tongue. Blood.

 "Oh- oh my god! Are you okay, I'm so sorry!" Someone said. I recognized the voice.

Metro b- Ashton.

I meant Ashton.


How did I get here? I didn't even know where he lived. He kneeled down next to me, inspecting my nose.

"Yeah, it's me" He gave me a warm smile.

"Let's get you cleaned up. Sorry, again" He said and helped me with standing up.

"I-It's fine" He leaded me to what I think was the bathroom. I sat down next to the sink.

"How did I end up at your house? And how did you even bring me here?"

I only talked to Ashton once, I thought that he already forgot about me…

"Well," he began, while dipping some blood away from my face with a cloth. It stung a little, making me flinch.

"I was taking a late night walk, and suddenly saw you lying there. I didn't know if you were conscious, so I decided to carry you to this house, and waited for you to wake up."

His hand was resting on my cheek, trying to don't get my head to move too much. I froze, and skipped breaths. He was so close… Too close.

I took in his sentence, and asked "'T-this house'? You mean this isn't yours?"

He chuckled softly, and removed his hand from my cheek.

"All better. And no, this isn't my house. It's my friend's. I just stayed the night here."

I asked him who his friend was.

"Calum. Calum Hood. Do you know him? He goes to your school, I believe."

My mouth dropped slightly.

Out of all the 7 billion people on this planet, I had to be in the house of Calum. Fucking. Hood.

I could still punch him for what he did to Luke-




I totally forgot about him! No, no , no. I needed to go to his house. And fast!

"Hey, you're okay? You look like you're gonna cry" Ashton said.

"I-I have to go" I half whispered and stood up.

He grabbed my arm, getting me to stop walking.

"You're leaving already? I was just asking if you wanted to spent the day with me and Cal" He got a slight smirk on his face. 

'Cal'… You mean bully 1st class.

I yanked my arm away from him, and started walking again.

Luke was the only thought on my mind. 

But he stood in front of me again, he moved  faster than lighting geez.

"Why are you leaving? Does it have something to do with Calum? If you wan tho meet him I can-"

"No. I know who Calum is. But I really wished I didn't. Thanks for, letting me stay here. You'll see me in the Underground, I guess." I said.

He looked like he was going to say something in defense, but didn't bring any words out. I shot him a smile and ran downstairs. 

~ ~ ~ 

Luckily Calum was still asleep. Didn't want to deal with his bullshit.

I recognized the street Calum was living in. It was only one block away from Luke's.


Once I reached Luke's house, I was out of breath.

I let myself being supported by a lamppost.

I began walking towards the house when my breath was steady again.

I hesitated about ringing the doorbell.

What if his father opened the door?

And what if he recognized me? I decided not to.

I walked around the house, maybe I could figure out where Luke's room was?

I noticed that the door which leaded to the garden was open.

I quietly slipped in, and looked up at the house.

The windows were very large, so large I could see what was in the rooms.

A boy with a blond quiff walked past one of the windows.

I sighed in relief, knowing he was alive.

He walked by again, now looking outside. He stopped and stared when he took sight of me. But he quickly disappeared again.

Where did he go? He probably didn't want to see me… I held my head down and walked out of his back garden -which was frickin' big-.

"Wait, Ems!" I heard Luke yell from behind me.

'Ems' I smiled to myself. I liked it.

I quickly turned around. He was standing a few meters away from me.

I noticed that he had trouble with walking a bit.

Well, no shocker, when you were almost beat to death the evening before.

I froze as those flashbacks from last night found their way back into my mind.

I tried to shrug them off, and ran over to Luke.

I hugged him tight, as if I would let go he would disappear.

My action made him fall on the grass, pulling me with him.

We both let out a laugh, we were still in the same position as from the hug, me on top of him.

Oh god…

I awkwardly rolled off of him, laying down on his right side.

"I'm glad you're okay" I whispered, looking at the passing clouds.

"I'm surprised he didn't kill me" Luke mumbled. Why was he acting so 'cool' about this?? 

He had trouble breathing, i could tell.

I laid my hand on his. he didn't pull away, he just let me.

I sat up, and he followed my action by doing the same thing, still holding my hand.

I looked into his gray eyes.


"It's not okay, Luke…"

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