"You have to choose, Emily. Me, or him."


7. 7

It was evening, and Luke was still at my house. I didn't mind, seriously, I loved being around him.

But he hadn't phoned his parents to tell him where he was. Not even a text.

"Luke, we really have to let your parents know where you're staying." I told him.

I paused COD, earning a pout from Luke.

He mumbled a "No, we don't" and un-paused the game.

I paused it again.

"Come on, we're going to your house. Now." Luke was looking down at his controller, and shook his head.

"Give me one reason why we couldn't go there." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Because..." He began, looking for reasons, but couldn't find any.

I stood up and dragged Luke with me down the stairs. He kept complaining about going home, but I ignored it.

His parents were probably worried sick, and I had never been to his house.

I told my mum where we were going. She was okay with it, and we ran out of the house. 

~ ~ ~

We were standing in front of his house. It was beautiful, all white, and large windows. It looked fancy.

"Are you sure you leaded us to the right house?" I asked.

"Positive" He chuckled.

We walked up to the front door, ringing the doorbell. Heck, even the doorbell sounded fancy.

A lady who looked in her forties opened the door. She was on the phone, but when she saw Luke she immediately hung up. She engulfed him in a hug. 

"Oh, Lukey! I was worried sick. Where were you?!"

I held in a chuckle when she said 'Lukey'. Luke noticed, and friendly punched me on the shoulder.

His mom's gaze went over to me.

"And who may this delightful girl be, Luke?"  She asked and secretly winked at Luke.

Well, I noticed, so it wasn't really secretly.

"Uhm, this is Emily."

"Is she your girlfriend?" Well, at least we now know his mum was very straightforward.

Luke and I both laughed. His mum was still giving us a questioning look.

"I assure you, mum. We're just friends"

I saw Luke blush from the corner of my eye. It made me blush, too.

"That's what they all say." She mumbled, and let us in.

"I have to prepare a presentation for tomorrow, so please don't disturb. Have fun you two" She said and leaved to what I think was her work-room.

I took a good look at the inside of his house. There was a big chandelier hanging above the two-stairs. The floor was made of white tiles, and I couldn't count all the rooms on two hands, (hadn't even seen the upper floors yet).

"Well what do you th-"

"LUKE!" Someone cut him off.

It was the same harsh voice as from the phone call...

"Y-yea?" Luke asked.

He looked at me. His eye colour was gray again...

Big, heavy footsteps came down the stairs. The footsteps belonged to a man, who was clearly drunk. He looked quite scary, actually.

Luke stood protectively in front of me, grabbing my hand. He intertwined our fingers and held my hand tightly.

"Where wer-" The man stopped when he saw me standing behind Luke.

"Who's this?!" He asked Luke angrily. His loud, harsh voice echoed through the house.

"N-none of your business" Luke quietly replied.

 I moved even closer to him.

"Do I have to repeat the rules that apply around here for you?" The man said and smiled.

But not a happy smile, no. The opposite. Such a devil smile.

"Excuse me, darlin'. I have to borrow your boyfriend for a minute" He pulled Luke towards him by the collar of his sweater.

Luke's hand slipped out of mine, I immediately felt cold and exposed.

"He needs to learn some rules" The man said and pulled Luke up the stairs.

'Go home!' Luke mouthed.

I stood there, not moving, not even letting out proper breaths.

W-was Luke's father abusing him...?

"Rule 1! You don't EVER go outside without letting me know!" I heard his father yell.

I slowly walked up the stairs, following the voice. I couldn't let my best friend suffer... I wasn't leaving.

The door of the room was half opened.

Luke was lying on the ground, eyes closed.

I was on the point of running his way, but his father yelled again: "Rule 2! Don't have ANY friends! You deserve pain!"

His father came into view.

He kicked Luke right in his stomach, making Luke roll on the left side of his body.

His father was kicking with so much force, he was kicking the living daylight out of him.

Luke turned his head towards my direction.

He had a bruised-eye, a cut in his lip, and a blue-purple bruise on his right cheek. And there was blood running down his face.

"Go home!" He yelled at me while spitting out some blood, before being kicked again, and again.

I did what he said and ran downstairs, out of his house, and towards my own.

Luckily I knew the way, otherwise I would be left alone outside in the dark.

But I didn't even reach my house. 

My knees were suddenly weak, making me fall onto them in the grass.

I let out a heavy sob, and another one, and another.

I had no idea this was going on.

This whole time, I made him lie to me, I made him go to his house, letting him being tortured and beat to death.


It was my fault.


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