"You have to choose, Emily. Me, or him."


5. 5


~ ~ ~ 

I sat down on a table in the very far back of the cafeteria.

I hadn't seen Luke all morning. He also didn't text me the night before, making sure I knew that he was home safely. I was worried that something bad maybe had happened.

I took a bite of my lunch. Right when I was chewing, Luke walked into the cafeteria.

He was pushed by people, someone even knocked him on the ground, and people were throwing all kinds off names at him -which weren't nice-. 

I stood up, and wanted to walk over to him, but he was already standing on his feet again.

He took sight of me and a small smile played on his lips. He quickly walked over to me, making sure he didn't accidentally touch anyone. He sat down beside me, but kept his distance.

He muttered a quiet "Hey." He had his hoodie pulled over his head, covering the left side of his face.

"Why are you covering your face?" I asked while chuckling.

He didn't laugh, and looked down at his lap. I rest my hand on his right shoulder, trying to turn himself to me. But he was too strong.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He still didn't want to open up to me. Great.

I slowly lifted my hand up, he didn't seem to notice. Before he could do anything, I took his hoodie off of his head, revealing his face.

I gasped.

He looked just as shocked as me, but probably for another reason. He quickly put his hood back over his head. "Luke, who did that to you?!" I questioned. My voice was full of worry.

"N-no one, I-i just t-tripped" He stuttered, so quietly that I could barely hear him.

I nodded my head in disbelief. I already noticed that Luke was being bullied.  Still didn't know the reason though.

"Well, well. What do we have here, a fat faggot in it's natural habitat. Enjoying all the food?" Calum snickered.

Seriously, his jokes were the worst. They weren't funny, and also not true.

Luke's not fat and also not a faggot -as far as I know then-.

"What're you doing here?" I snapped at him.

"Oh, so 'none of your business' is your friend now, huh?" Calum smirked.

Seriously, if I was standing in a room with Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, and Calum. And I had a gun with two bullets, I would shoot Calum twice.

I felt Luke tense beside me. "Yes, I am his friend. You better get used to it" I said rolling my eyes.

Calum didn't seem to focus on me, but on Luke.

Calum rest his hand on the table, leaning in to Luke's face. Luke didn't move one bit. Calum was looking at him with pure disgust.

"Just remember, Puke. You don't deserve to have any friends. You''ll end up all alone anyways, no one will ever say that you're worth it. It would be better for everyone if you died" He was looking Luke straight in the eyes.

This wasn't a joke, Calum was being serious. Not even a small smile of victory appeared on his face. He meant it. Luke knew that, too. Calum stood straight on his feet again.

"Just die already!" He yelled before slapping Luke really hard across the face. He punched with so much force that Luke fell to the ground.

My mouth dropped in shock. I looked at Calum, who had no sign of regret or embarrassment on his face. He's out of his mind!!

Calum gave Luke one last look of disgust and went back to his friends -who were probably all fakers-.

He punched Luke right on the place where the other bruise already was. A red mark was forming on his cheek. Luke had tears streaming down his face.

"Luke-" I began, but he cut me off by running out of the cafeteria.

His bag was till on the the lunch table, so I picked it up and ran out towards the direction he went, too. 

~ ~ ~

I had searched the whole school for Luke. The library, bathrooms, stairs, but he was nowhere. Maybe he ran home? 

I didn't even know where he lived.

I decided to give him a call.

School was over, so I was walking towards the underground -still with Luke's bag-, waiting for Luke to pick up. 

Finally, after a few times of my phone beeping, he answered 

"E-Emi-l-ly?" I could barely hear his soft voice with all the noises around me.

"Yes, it's me, Luke. Where are you?"

I could hear him pant, like if he was struggling to keep breathing.

He wasn't giving any reply.

"Luke. Where. Are. You?" I asked again. 

"What're you doing out of your room?! Did I tell you to come out?!" A harsh voice spoke on the other line. 

"I-I-" Luke didn't finish his sentence.

The sound of a slap filled my ear. Suddenly, the line went dead.

"Luke? Luke?!" I panicked.

I called him again, but it went straight to dial tone.

My hands flew up to my hair and I started pacing back and forth.

"What do I do?" I whispered to myself.  

~ ~ ~

Me and my mum were making dinner in the kitchen.

Luke was the only thought on my mind. I called him, several times. But he didn't pick up.

I already informed my mum about the phone call we had.

I was cutting the cucumber, while mum was sitting at the table, making a salad.

What if Luke's in the hospital? What if someone abducted him? What if-

I was cut off by a strong pain in my thumb.

"Shit!" I dropped the knife and sucked my thumb. My mum came rolling my way.

"You cut yourself with the knife again?" She asked, already grabbing a plaster from a cabin.

"On accident" I mumbled.

She handed me the plaster, and I stick it around my thumb. I thanked her.

Right on that moment, the doorbell rang.

My mum and I gave each other a questionable look.

I walked over to the front door, only seeing a silhouette.

I slowly opened it, and went wide eyed.

"Please, don't shut the door. Please help me" He pleaded, almost falling down on his knees.

I let him hold onto me for support. I took a good look at him.

His face had another bruise, and I bet that it's not the only wound on his body.

I noticed that whenever he's sad, down, or hurt, his eye color became gray.

He coughed, with a sweater paw over his mouth. The was some blood on his sweater, too.

I closed the door behind us and let him sit in the living room.

"Luke, what happened to you?" My mum's concerned voice filled the room.

"Don't ask. He'll not answer" I whispered in her ear.

She nodded in understanding. "I'll grab some ice" She said.

When she was out of the room, I asked Luke, "Will you tell me what happened?" He sighed, and shook his head no. 


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