"You have to choose, Emily. Me, or him."


4. 4

~ ~ ~

"T-thanks for the l-lovely dinner ms. Matthews- I uh-I mean Melissa?" It came more out as a question.

He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck.

My mum laughed at his awkwardness.

"It's fine. Come around whenever. I'll leave you two alone now" She secretly winked, earning an eye roll from me.

"I-I better go, it's getting late, and w-we have school tomorrow.." He trailed off a bit.

I looked at the clock, which was hanging in the kitchen. 9.15pm.

He was right, it was getting late.

Luke grabbed his schoolbag off the ground in the hallway, and slipped his shoes on.

"You sure you'll find your way back home?" I was a little concerned about him. I don't know why, I just was. He nodded.

"I'll text you when I get home" He said. I thanked him.

He stood there, looking down at his penguin-like feet.

It seemed like he was debating with himself about something.

He took a small step forward, but then stepped back again. I gave him a confused look.

"God, Luke. You're making a fool out of yourself" he mumbled to himself.

I laughed. He looked up and he turned bright red.

"I-I'm gonna g-go now." He opened the front door and speed-walked out.

"Luke, wait!" I yelled before I could stop my mouth..

He turned around, slightly surprised. I ran over to him, on my socks.

I was only wearing a tank top and jeans, so I was really cold. But he didn't have to know that.

"Emily, what're you doing. You're going to grab a cold" He sounded concerned.

I stood on my tiptoes and threw my arms around his neck, holding him tightly.

He was taken aback by my action, but eventually hugged back. His arms went around my rib case.

After a few seconds of just holding him, I released form the hug.

He held both of my cheeks in his big hands.

I felt the cold silver of his pink-ring on my cheek.

He leaved a small kiss on my forehead.

Where did that boost of confidence come from, Hemmings?

It seemed like he was asking himself the same question, by his face. But he quickly hid it by giving me a smile.

"See you tomorrow" I yelled after him as he walked down the street.

He looked back one last time. Although it was dark, you could still see his bright blue eyes shining.  

~ ~ ~ 

I took ahold of one of the poles.

There were many people in the metro that morning, so all the sit places were already taken.

I looked at the map of the Piccadilly line. Good, only a few more stops to go.

The metro made a stop after a few minutes, telling us that we were at Northfields.

A few people came in, and a few went out.

A person grabbed the same pole I was holding on to.

I didn't bother to look at the person, knowing that I'll probably never see them again and I was just too tired.

The laces of my black Converse weren't tied up. Shit, forgot that one, too.

I kneeled down on one knee and tied the laces. Just then the metro decided to make a stop, causing me to fall on the dirty metro floor.

'There are some technical problems. But they'll be solved as quick as possible. Thank you for your patience.' A voice echoed through the metro.

A lot of people groaned.

I fell on my head. I rubbed the back of it, causing me to flinch in pain.

"Hey, you okay?" A boy voice asked concerned.

He was kneeling down next to me, looking at me with his soft, hazel eyes.

"Y-yeah I'm fine" He held his hand out, I took it and he helped me up.

"I'm Ashton Irwin. Nice to meet you" He said smiling, showing off dimples.

Okay that's just adorable. Wait.. He was the same boy I was eyeing the day before!

"I-I'm Emily Matthews" I said getting out of my trance.

He chuckled, obviously noticed.

I noticed that my hand was still in his. I slowly let go of him, not wanting to seem rude. He was even more handsome from up close.

Heck, that jawline of his was stronger than my wifi connection at home.

"So, which school you got to?" He asked.

And that's how we got into a conversation.

After awhile of waiting, the metro finally began moving.

You could hear people sigh in relief. I looked at Ashton, who was already looking at me. Weird?

We stopped at Barons Court.

"This is my stop" He shot me a smile.

"I'll see you around" With that he was out, and I lost sight of him in the crowds of people. 

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