"You have to choose, Emily. Me, or him."


19. 19

- - - 

My eyes slowly opened, and I yawned. 

Wait... what was lying on top of me?! 

I looked down, and almost had Luke's quiff in my mouth. 

His head was on my chest, and his legs were tangled with mine. 

He had his arms protectively around my rib case.

I felt like a teddy bear, geez. 

Luke looked truly adorable when he was asleep, I had to admit. 

I softly shook him. "Lukey, wake up."  

He groaned, and tightened his grip around me. 

"Don't wake The Hemmings." He said in his raspy morning voice. 

I chuckled, and softly twisted his bed hair around my finger.

"Good morning." Luke said, and looked up at me. 

I smiled, and said hello back. 

"This is my first time ditching school, you know." He said. 

Did he know that his arms were still around me? 

"Do you like it so far?" I chuckled. 

He shrugged. "Guess missing one day of school isn't the worst thing in the world." 

My stomach growled.

"You hungry?" Luke asked. I nodded, and yawned.

"I'll get you some food." He said, and was already sitting up straight. 

I grabbed him by his arm before he could stand up. "I'll come with you." 

But he insisted that he should get us food. 

Well, couldn't say no, aye?

"Fine, but be quick 'cause I'm hungry! And you don't want to deal with a hungry bitch." 

He smiled, kissed my cheek, and walked out. 

My fingers traced over my cheek, which was heavily blushing. 

- - -

My mum said she was fine with us staying home for a day, she wasn't very strict on those things. 

Our day consisted of watching Disney movies and eating.

It became dark outside by the time we were watching the Lion King. 

Luke has been acting a little bit different then usual. 

Maybe it was because of him skipping a day of school...? 

"Luke?" I asked. My head was lying in his lap, so I looked up at him.


"I'm going to the bathroom for a minute, be right back, 'kay?." He nodded, and gave me an odd smile. 

I walked out and into the bathroom. 

I did my business and fixed my hair a bit in the mirror. 

I went back and wanted to reenter my room, when I caught Luke talking to himself. 

The door was slightly ajar, so I clearly hear him. 

"Emily, there is something I need to tell you- no you dipshit that sounds as if you're grandma passed away. Uhm... Hey, Emily, I was wondering- No! Ugh, bloody hell, why is this so hard?!" 

I heard him letting out a deep sigh. 

I opened the door, and stepped in. 

"Luke... What is it that you want to tell me?" I asked, and slowly walked over to him. 

"Oh- uh, you heard that. Brilliant." He nervously bit his pinkie nail. 

I set the TV on mute, and asked again "What do you want to tell me?" 

We made my room completely dark, so that it was nicer with watching the movies. 

"I-I don't k-know if I-I should." He looked down at his lap.

I gave him a confused look. "So, what you're saying is that you don't trust me?" 

"NO- no, that's not it! Of course I trust you- but..." He put his hands in his hair and tugged on it. He looked so frustrated. 

He exhaled deeply, and looked at me with such a broken expression that I didn't know what to say. 

"I'm going to tell you a story. And I want you to just listen." He said, and I nodded. 

He sat cross legged facing me, and I did the same.

"There were these two brothers, they were six and eight years old. They were as close as brothers could get, no one could come between them. Their parents were the most lovable parents the brothers could've asked for. They seemed to be the perfect family. That was, until the brothers were eight and ten, when their dad started drinking and doing drugs..." Luke's voice cracked more and more by each word he said. 

Was this story about himself?

"Luke-" I began, but he cut me off.

"Please, just- just  listen. This is hard enough already." His eyes became glossy. 

"The mother was getting afraid of the father, and she tried to get him into rehab, but the father wouldn't budge. The boys were usually playing together in their rooms, listening to the fights between their mom and dad downstairs. The brothers made a promise: They promised each other to never leave one another..." 

He tucked on one of his bracelets, the one he would always tuck on. I could now clearly see what was written on the bracelet. 'Brothers, forever and always'. 

"Because of the amount of money the dad was spending on alcohol and drugs, the family's living wasn't the brightest anymore. They had barely enough money to feed both their children. A-and one day, the mum and dad were done with it... They made a huge decision, and they couldn't turn it back. Never. They always thought that the older brother was worth less than the younger one. They thought the younger brother had a brighter future. S-so.. They told the brothers to say goodbye to each other for awhile. They said goodbye and hugged. But they both had no clue why..."

Luke choked on a sob, and wiped his tears away.  

I was still keeping silent, wanting him to continue. 

I grabbed his hand, trying to comfort him, and he let me. I drew small circles on his hand with my thumb. 

"T-the younger b-brother waited everyday for the older brother to come back... But after two months, he gave up. The older brother never returned, and the younger brother cried himself to sleep every single night. After a few months, the mum told the younger brother everything.. T-the parents, t-they put the o-older brother up for a-adoption... They p-put him in a-a bloody orphanage!" He cried.

"The brother had tried to get in contact with the older brother, but his parents made sure that they would never hear, or see each other ever again. A-after a few years, the father's thoughts on the younger brother changed. He wanted his older son back, regretting his decision terribly. But, he couldn't get him back. He blamed his younger son for everything, and told him he should've been an orphan. The father began hitting the younger brother, being furious about it. A-and... The father never stopped." 

Luke cried, and I took him in my arms. He hid his face in the crook of my neck. 

"This story is about you, isn't it." I stated the obvious. 

I felt his tears fall down my shirt, and he nodded. 

"Can you tell me who's the older brother, Luke?" 

I cooped his face in my hands, and stared in his red, puffy eyes. 





"Ashton. Ashton is my older brother." 



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