"You have to choose, Emily. Me, or him."


16. 16

~ ~ ~ 

It was Sunday, and I was excited to go to Ashton's.

I never really had a party with my neighbourhood back in Australia. 

Ashton told me to just wear what I always wear, then I'd be fine.

I put my phone in the pocket of my coat, and said goodbye to my mum. 


Time went by pretty quick, and I arrived at the station of Northfields. 

I stepped out of the metro and walked off the platform. 

I followed the signs that said 'Exit'. 

I'd never been here before.

"Emily!" I turned around when someone yelled my name. 

"Hey Ashton!" I smiled. 

He speed walked over to me and gave me a quick hug. 

We were at the escalators, meaning we were already near the exit. 

"Shall we?" He asked. I nodded and we hooked arms. 

He told me that it was only five minutes from the station to his house. 

"I'm kinda nervous, Ashton." I nervously chuckled. 

"Why?" He asked, seeming genuinely concerned. 

"Just, I'm not really from the neighbourhood, am I? What if people will judge or-" 

"Hey. Everyone's welcome at our home." He assured me.

"Even me?" 

"Even you." We both chuckled. 


He opened the front door for us, and we stepped in. 

I smelled sausages! 

"Ready?" Ashton asked. 

I nodded and smiled. 

The sound of people laughing and talking filled my ears as we entered the big living room.

The kitchen and living room were connected, so it was extra big.

There were also some people standing outside, mostly men, smoking cigarets.

"Welcome to the party!" Ashton smiled, and walked me over to the drinks. 

He handed me a coke and I thanked him.

The music was also great!

"ASHTON!" Someone yelled over the people. 

 It was a boy, roughly... eight? 

Ashton crouched down so that he was the same height as the boy. 

Ashton messed with his hair. "Hey buddy. I want you to meet someone." 

He motioned for me to crouch down too, so I did. 

"Harry, this is Emily. Emily, this is my little brother Harry." He smiled. He looked so proud of Harry. 

Harry stared at me with big eyes. "Hi." I waved.

"Mommy, mommy! Ashton brought home a girl!!" He yelled towards the kitchen. 

A woman with blonde hair stepped out of the kitchen, wearing an apron. 

"WHAT?!" She yelled laughing. She walked over to Harry, not seeing Ashton and I, since we were still crouched down. 

"Ashton? Our Ashton? Where is he? I gotta see this lovely lady!" 

I immediately blushed. 

Harry pointed our way, and Ashton immediately pulled me up from the floor. 

His mum made her way over to us, and took her apron off. 

"Hey, Ash! Tell me about that girl you brought with!" 

Ashton coughed, and pointed at me.

I smiled and stook my hand out, for her to shake. "Hi, I'm Emi-." 

Before I could even finish my name she was giving me a hug.

"Welcome, Emily! I hope you have a good time around here!" She smiled. 

I felt so welcome, this was a really nice place!

"Is this the Emily you told me about?" His mum asked Ashton.

"Mum!" Ashton laughed. I laughed, too.

"Hey, Anne? Something's burning in the kitchen." A man with a beer in his hand said. Ashton's mum groaned and excused herself. 

"So..." I turned myself to Ashton. "Am I the Emily you told her about?" I smirked.

He blushed slightly and let out a muffled "yes." 

"I really like it here." I told him. 

"Y-you do? I was afraid you wouldn't, I don't know why." He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. 

I chuckled. An elderly couple walked in. 

"OH! I want you to meet some people." He took my hand in his and intertwined our fingers. 

"See the two older people?" He asked, I nodded.

"That're Jan and Herbert. They're kind of like my grandma and grandpa." 

The couple's back was facing us. "Look at their t-shirts." I whispered in his ear. 

He looked, too, and laughed along with me. 

On the back of Herbert's shirt was 'If lost, return to Jan.'

And on Jan her shirt was 'I am Jan.' 

"C'mon!" Ashton said, and leaded me towards Jan and Herbert, who had their arms hooked. 

"Oh, hello dear!" Jan said to Ashton. "Pleasure to see you two again!" Ashton sweetly smiled back. 

"And who may this delightful young woman be?" She asked.

"This, is my friend, Emily." Ashton introduced. 

I held my hand out, and Jan and Herbert both shook it. "Nice to meet you!" 

"Are you sure she's not your girlfriend, Ash? You may keep this one!" Herbert winked at Ashton. 

Jan hit him with her small purse, and we all laughed. 


We were all settled around the table in the living room, listening to the stories of Jan and Herbert. 

I was sitting next to Ashton, and Harry was on Ashton's lap. 

Ashton's little sister was sitting with one of her friends and the rest of the people I didn't really know. 

Soon, Ashton's mum came into the living room with two plates full of cookies, everyone took two. 

She also sat down and listened with us to the stories. 

"What about your love story?" I asked.

They first looked at me, then at each other. It was as if they were falling in love all over again. 

Jan told this story. They grabbed each other's hand and began to talk.

"We met each other in school when we were 12. After two years, this one here finally had the courage to ask me out. We have been dating since we were 14. But my father never approved of him. So when time went by, it was time for college..." 

My hands were in my lap, and Ashton slowly laid his hand on mine, keeping the other one around Harry. 

He intertwined our fingers and smiled. I smiled, too. 

"... My father sent me off to college, far away from Herbert. But we still found a way back to each other and were married. And now we've been together for 55 happy years." 

"Jan?" Herbert asked her. 

"We did it. We grew old together." They gave each other a quick kiss and laughed. 

Everyone awed. "What about Ashton and Emily?!" Harry spoke up. All eyes went on us. 

Pardon me, whut?



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