"You have to choose, Emily. Me, or him."


14. 14


~ ~ ~ 

"Emily! Emily, wake up!" I heard my mum yell. 

I immediately shot up. I was laying in my bed. Did Luke carry me.. Again? 

He probably went home after I fell asleep. 

I immediately thought about what I heard him whisper yesterday evening. It was so sweet. 

"EMILY! It's 8.00, school starts in half an hour! Get your ass up!" 

I looked at the clock on my nightstand. Shoot!!

I ran out of my room and into the bathroom, doing everything that was needed. 

I grabbed my bag, and thanked myself that I had packed it the evening before.

My mum stood by the door, with an apple in her hand. 

I thanked her and ran out of my house, and towards the Underground. 

Why was it so cold today? Oh- OH. I forgot to put on my coat. 

Geez, I was freezing.

The metro arrived fast and I mentally thanked it. 


Ashton wasn't in the metro. Which was logical, he was probably already at school. 

I opened the doors of the school and ran towards my locker. 

Luke wasn't standing there, either. He was already in class probably. 

I grabbed my books for history, and came running into the classroom one second before the 2nd bell rang. 

The seat next to Luke in the very far back of the classroom was still free, so I sat there. I threw my books on the table with a loud thud. 

He looked at me from the corner of his eye. "Slept in?" 

I nodded and let out a deep sigh. I rested my head on my crossed arms. 


"Mhmm?" I didn't even look up at him.

"You forgot your history workbook." 

"Are you serious?" I groaned and took a good look at my books. 


Well, I was too tired to walk back to my locker.

"W-we can d-do together with my book, I-I don't mind." Luke said, nervously clicking his pen. 

I moved my table so that it was connected with his. "Thanks, Lukey." 

He snorted, and opened his books on the right page. 

We both started to write the notes from the board into our notebooks. 

His leg was touching mine, and I tried to ignore the little sparks. 

I began my sentence on a new line of my notebook, causing my arm to move to the right. 

I was left-handed, while Luke was right handed. 

Our arms touched, but he didn't move his away. 

Instead, he stopped writing and began reading his textbook, keeping his arm just where it was. 

"Wanna do the questions together?" He asked.

I just nodded and looked at him, noticing that he was already looking at me. 

We kept staring for awhile, until the teacher began his lesson. 


I kept coughing, and sniffed often.

"Are you grabbing a cold?" Luke asked.

I shook my head. "Don't think so."

"Hey, uh- uhm, you never really told me where you were yesterday.. " Luke asked, scratching the back of his neck.

We were sitting in the cafeteria for lunch, playing hangman in one of my notebooks. 

I sat up a bit straighter and cleared my throat. 

"I, uh, was... J-just taking a walk, that's all." I guessed the letter 'S', and he drew the head of hangman. 

"C'mon, be honest with me." He said, and looked at me. 

"But I know you'll freak out." 

He chuckled. "That bad? I promise you, I won't freak out. Whatever the reason is." 

We made a pinky promise.

"I went out for coffee... with Ashton..." 

Luke stopped deadly in his tracks. His hands began to shake.

"Luke... Don't freak out." I laid my hand on his back and made small circles with my thumbs. 

"I-I'm not. Just don't walk away like he did, please." He whispered.

I was confused, but didn't ask anything. He wouldn't explain it to me anyways. 

He grabbed my hand, and tightly held it. 

"Well, well. You dating the faggot now, huh?" Calum said, sitting across from us.

Luke held my hand even tighter, and moved closer to me, probably for protection. 

"We're not dating, Calum. And don't you dare to lay a finger on Luke" I said through gritted teeth.

He laughed. "Did you really think that one threat of yours would get me to slack off? You clearly don't know me yet, darlin'." 

"Ashton was lying. You're not nice, you're nothing but a stupid bully." 

Calum clenched his jaw, and balled his hands up into fists. Luke still didn't say anything. 

"How do you know Ashton?" He snapped. 

I scoffed. "As if I would tell you. Go back to your friends, Calum. Don't 'waist your time with us', as you always say." 

He huffed, and harshly stood up. 

"And for you..." Calum pointed at Luke. "Don't even breathe the same air as me, moron." 

He walked away - not without giving me one last glare - and Luke relaxed a bit. 

"What was that between you and Calum?" He asked, doodling on the page of my notebook we were playing hangman on.

"What do you mean?" 

"About Ash, Ashton! Sorry, I-I mean A-ashton."

"Oh nothing." I kinda ignored his question and went back to guessing Luke's word. 


~ ~ ~ 


Luke and I decided to get some drinks after school.

We were walking down Sloane Street, looking in the show windows of shops.

Our arms were hooked, and we walked in a rather slow pace. 

"Let's go inside somewhere, you're freezing without a coat." Luke said.

"No, I'm not." 

A cold wind hit me, and made me shiver. 

Luke sighed, and pulled me into the nearest cafe. 

There was a fireplace. Luke spotted it too, and basically ran over to it, still closely holding me.

I sat down on the big, comfortable chair, nearest to the fireplace. 

Luke took off his coat, then his sweater. 

My eyes widen, but he had a t-shirt underneath it. 

He kneeled down in front of me, and handed me his sweater. 

"Next time you're freezing, just admit it to me." 

I smiled and thanked him for the sweater. 

I put the sweater on and immediately felt a whole lot warmer. 

But not only because of the sweater, also because of Luke. He was just so sweet. 

I made sweater paws and inhaled the scent of his sweater.

It smelled just like him. Excuse me, can I keep this sweater forever?!

"I'll get us some drinks, 'kay?" He stood up and kissed my cheek before walking to the counter.

I smiled, and let my cold fingers trace my heavily blushing cheek. 



"Do you miss home?" Luke asked, taking a sip of his tea.

I shrugged. "At times. But it's not like I'm begging my parents to move back to Australia. I like it here, with you."

Luke smiled, and looked down at his cup of tea.

It was already dark outside, but it was only 5pm. Luke suddenly sat up a bit straighter and seemed excited.

He put down his cup of tea. It was almost empty, so was mine.

He stood up and grabbed his coat. He held his hand out for me to take, and I hesitantly did.

We ran out of the cafe, hand in hand, and onto the streets of London.

Luke walked rather fast, so I had to run a bit to keep up with him.

He stopped in front of the Underground, and grinned.

"Ever wanted to see Picadilly Circus?" Luke asked excitedly.

I smiled from ear to ear and nodded.

Someone once told me about Picadilly Circus. They told me that 'if you're there on the right moment, on the right time, you'll suddenly feel like a whole Other person'. Well, time to find out if they were right about that.

~ ~ ~

"Okay, one more step." Luke instructed.

His hands were covering my eyes. He wanted me to have that WOW-moment when I saw it.

"Okay- and we're here." he said

"Can you take your hands off of my eyes now?" I asked laughing.

He told me no.

He walked me throught crowds of people -I could hear it by the many voices- and suddenly stopped.

"Are you ready?" Luke whispered close to my ear.

"As ready as I've ever been." I said, feeling the excitement rushing through me.

He slowly removed his hands from my eyes.

He stood closely behind me.


This was one of the most magical places I had ever seen.

We were standing in the exact middle of Picadilly Circus.

The big billboards were giving enough light to light up the whole city!!

And the streets had the most beautiful houses, with the fairytale lamp posts.

People were walking around, chatting, hugging, kissing.

Some in a hurry, others walking in slow pace.

Some with many friends, others walking alone.

A few men were hanging up Christmas decorations, and the lights were beautiful.

Everything seemed to stand still for a few seconds.

The people stopped walking, the musicians stopped playing, the billboards stopped changing commercials.

It was only me and the city, the city and me. No one else, just the peaceful silence.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed those few seconds.

"What do you think?" Luke asked, he was standing beside me.

Has he been watching me this whole time?

"Breathtaking." I said.

It really was. They were right. This place can really change a person.

Maybe not everyone, but this was a moment I would never forget.

You know how you sometimes have those moments where everyone would think 'oh that's nothing special'. But in your eyes, it really means a lot, and you don't want it to end?

This was such a moment. All the people walking around me, have probably walked here tons of times, not even looking at this place the way I look at it.

But that's fine. This was my moment, not theirs.

I felt an arm being wrapped around my shoulder.


The fact that I was here with Luke made it even better.

I leaned into his shoulder. We enjoyed the comfortable silence between us.

There were two musicians who were singing a song and playing the guitar.

"C'mon!" I pulled Luke with me to the two musicians.

A few people were standing there, too. They were dancing.

Luke noticed, too, and grinned. He took my hand and spun me around. I laughed, and spun hin around, causing him to laugh too.

My hands went around his neck, his around my waist. Just like that time in his house, only now with music.

I felt something cold fall on the tip of my nose. Another one on my hand, then one on my wrist. It melted tight whine touched my skin. 

"Snowflakes." Luke whispered.


"It's beginning to snow." He smiled and looked up at the sky, where tons of small, white snowflakes were falling from the dark.

I was on Picadilly Circus, with my best friend, on the right moment, on the right time. 

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