"You have to choose, Emily. Me, or him."


12. 12

~ ~ ~ 

I nervously tapped my foot repeatedly on the floor of the metro. 

We were almost at Northfields, where Ashton always stepped in.

I looked at my phone again, no messages or missed phone calls.

I've tried to call Luke several times, but he didn't answer me.

The metro came to a stop, and I quickly stood up and walked over to one of the poles.

I waited for Ashton to come in, but he didn't.

The doors of the metro were about to close, when a boy with dark blond curls quickly ran inside.

"Ashton!" I smiled. 

Why was I smiling....?

"Hey" He breathed out. He took ahold of the same pole as me. 

"Nice seeing you again" He said. 

"Yeah. Hey, uhm, I-I have a question.."

"Shoot." He was still bit out of breath.

"Do you wanna get something to drink after school? With.. me?" I asked.

He first looked confused but hid it with a smile. dimples dimPLES DIMPLES.

"Sure! Let's meet up in here and then we'll see where we can go." 

I nodded and looked down at my shoes. I checked my phone again, but nothing. 

"Expecting a text?" Ashton asked.

I shook my head no. He nodded in disbelief but didn't say any more about it. 

~ ~ ~ 

I leaned against Luke's locker, waiting for him to come into the school.

A lot of people were looking at me in disgust, probably because I hung out with Luke.

But I couldn't care less. "Get a life" I muttered under my breath. 

The first bell rang, and everyone went off to their classes. 

But I didn't, I waited for Luke.

The halls of the school were almost empty.

I checked my phone again, but nothing.

"What're you doing here?" Luke snapped. 

I turned around to face him. He had his hoodie pulled over his head, and he looked sleepy. 

"Hello to you too, Lucas." 

He scoffed, and shove me aside so he could get his books out for first and second period. 

I ignored his harsh action. "Why weren't you answering my phone calls? Luke, I was worried and you just ignored me."  

I didn't want to bring the whole Ashton thing up. He stopped with shoving books into his bag, and turned his whole body to me. 

He took his hoodie off and pointed at the left side of his neck.

There was a burn wound of what looked like a cigarette, and it was fresh.

 "I was on the point of calling you, when my father bursted through the door. Of course I wasn't ignoring you, I would never do that. You're all I have." 

I looked at him, not knowing what to say. "I-I'm sorry." 

He shook his head and closed his locker. He swung his backpack over his shoulder.

"Come 'ere" He smiled and opened his arms.

I smiled too, and hugged him tight, taking in his vanilla scent. 

The second bell rang, letting us know that we were late for class. 

We both looked at each other with wide eyes, and ran off to class.

~ ~ ~

School was over, and Luke and I were walking home.

The underground came into view, and I said goodbye to Luke.

"Bye! Good luck with your essay for English!" he said.

"My wha- OH! Yea of course, my essay. Thanks, Luke."

I told him that I couldn't hang out because I had to write an essay. Luke would go nuts if he knew I met up with Ashton. And I needed to know the reason why..

Luke hugged me and then walked over the pedestrian crossing. When he was on the other side of the street he waved at me. 

I waved back and smiled. He pulled a funny face and then walked off. 

I laughed and took the escalator down the underground. 


The metro stopped at Barons Court. 

I made sure that the seat next to me was free so that Ashton could sit there. 

He walked in and immediately spotted me. He sat down next to me and put his heavy schoolbag on the metro floor.

"Let's get out at South Ealing. There must be some place to get coffee." he said, looking at the blue Piccadilly Line.

"I don't know the way around here so.. I'll just follow you." 

He smiled at me. I looked down at his schoolbag and noticed something sticking out. 

He saw me staring at it, and quickly zipped his bag closed all the way.

He noticed me sending him a questionable look, on which he replied "I-It's a little embarrassing." 

"Oh, I'm sure it's not. C'mon, show me!" He made me curious about it. 

"Fine" He mumbled. 

He opened his school bag and took out a.. sketchbook?

"You draw?" I asked astonished. He nodded and blushed a little. Ahw.

He handed it over to me, and looked down at his lap, probably embarrassed.

I flipped through the pages, with my jaw dropped.

They were so beautiful!!

"I-I know they're bad, I suck at drawing.." He let out a nervous laugh.

I looked back up at him. "Ashton, these are beautiful. This is art."

I slight smile played on his lips and a soft "thanks" escaped his mouth.


I let my hands embrace the warm mug of coffee, and took a seat across from Ashton. 

It was almost winter, and I haven't had much winters that were this cold. 

We were in a small cafe, and luckily it was warm inside.

"So, are you and Calum like.. Friends?" Ashton asked, also trying to warm his hands up by making sweater paws. 

He wore a grey beanie with a blue flannel, and his hair was a bit messy, which looked cute.

"Uhm.. Calum and I aren't really what you would call 'friends'.." He gave me a questionable look, while taking a sip of his coffee.

"Let's just say, he isn't really nice to a friend of mine." Ashton nodded as in understanding.

"You know, Calum really isn't like that, at all. He's a nice guy, if you take time to get to know him."

"Well, Luke thinks otherwise.." I said, also taking a sip of my coffee.

Ashton looked up at me and set his coffee down. 

"L-luke?" He began tucking the sleeves of his flannel and tapped his foot nervously on the floor.

Oh gosh guys... Why were both Luke and Ashton reacting so weird on each other?!

"I scratched the back of my head. "Yea. Uhm, Luke. Luke Hemmings. Do you kno-" 

"I-I need to get g-going. I-I uhh have this HUGE science project in a-a few days so, yea, uh, bye."

He put on his coat and swung his backpack over his shoulder, practically running out of the cafe.  

I stood up and ran after him. "Ashton. Ashton!!" I yelled, but he was way faster than me,so I gave up and went back to the cafe. 

Why. Why, was my only question!






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