"You have to choose, Emily. Me, or him."


1. 1

Emily's POV 

I threw the heavy school bag over my shoulder and let it hang loosely on my back.

A deep sigh escaped my mouth.

I grabbed my phone from the kitchen counter and stuffed it in the back pocket of my black skinny jeans.

"Mum, I'm going to school!" I yelled from the hallway.

She came rolling in on her wheelchair.

She was a victim of paraplegia when she was in her thirties.

My dad was always on business trips -he still is- and he didn't really have time for us. We moved to London because of his work.

This was my first day on a new school. With new teachers and new kids.

I better make a friend on my first day otherwise I'll be the lonely girl.

I had to take the underground to school. Because, well, my mum can't drive a car -not even walk-, and my dad's in Liverpool for a week.

Oh well, I can handle it.

"Okay, sweetie. I hope you make some friends. Have fun! And be careful!" She gave me a warm smile.

I kneeled down next to her wheelchair, my bag slightly sliding off of my shoulder.

"Are you sure that you'll be okay on your own?" I asked in a concerned tone.

She slightly nodded. "You'll be back soon. So I'll wait for you. I'll be fine, seriously."

I stood up again and opened the front door.

She waved me goodbye and I closed the door behind me. 

~ ~ ~

My finger followed the dark blue line on the map.

I needed the Piccadilly line.

My new school was near Gloucester Road, so I'll step out there.

I walked through the crowds of people and finally reached the right platform.

I looked at the digital clock, which was hanging above the platform.

Well fuck. 

Five more minutes 'till the next metro arrived.

I already was a tiny bit late today, and I don't want to make a bad first impression on school.

I sat down on one of the stone benches.


After a few minutes of me tapping my foot nervously on the ground, the metro arrived.

I literally ran over to it and the door automatically opened.

I stepped in and sat down on one of the stools. There weren't many people.

There were a few men and women who were dressed in suits and classic skirts.

An older couple, some kids, and a boy who seemed roughly my age.

He had his earphones in and was scrolling on his phone. He was holding one of the poles. 

He wore Vans with black skinny jeans, an 'Iron Maiden' shirt and a denim jacket.

He got points for style.

His hair was dark blond and curly. It was stuffed behind a dark blue bandana.

He looked up from his phone, towards my direction.

I quickly moved my head to the side and pretended to be very interested in my feet.

I tightened my blonde ponytail a bit, without looking up.

How many stops 'till we were at Gloucester Road?

The metro made a stop, letting me almost trip because I wasn't prepared for a stop, too distracted by some hot stuff standing a few meters away from me.

I looked outside of the metro.

We were at Hammersmith.

Good, only one stop away from my destination.

A few people streamed in, but not many.

I felt a pair of eyes burning a hole through me.

I followed the direction the stare came from, and it landed on the boy, who was biting his lip.

His hazel eyes immediately met my blue ones.

I quickly looked away and blushed heavily.

He was as hot as the damn sun. 

I slowly lifted my head up again. He gave me a small smile.

I shot him one back and grabbed my phone out of my back pocket. I unlocked it.


School started at 8.30am. And it was already 8.32am.

I was screwed.

I began tapping my foot nervously on the floor again.

The metro made its next stop at Barons Court.

The boy took out his earphones and stepped out.

He turned around and winked at me, before walking away. 


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