Leather Binding

My third installment in my poetry novel series. I hope you like it!

(Don't judge this book by it's cover, I had to sort of scratch up this one.) XP


2. Chains

Chained to the floor

memories weigh me down

I hear absolute silence

begin to drown


Tied to the wall

leather cuffs against my skin

I feel abandoned

a heart made of tin


tethered to the ceiling

I’m hanging all by myself

my loved ones disappear

one by one below


Bound to a pole

left outside, to rot and die

no one cares much

only enough for the knots to tie


Left in the desert

overboard in the ocean

a dust storm pulls over the horizon

a tsunami of all my fears


I fall under

the dust and wind filling my eyes

the water drowning my heart

My tears all wasted, I cannot cry


I see a shadow

what once was me

It shakes its head

and slowly leaves.

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