1. Chapter One

Chapter One


    Evelyn woke with a start, her head nearly hitting the ceiling as she jerked upright. She looked around, and grasped for her meager sheet as it slid off of the bed. Her elbow collided with one of the bedposts, and the resounding echo attracted unwanted attention from the other Insciens. She tried to burrow back into the thin cloth, the material bunching and folding over her head as she curled up on her cot. Evelyn scrunched her eyes shut, wishing she could go back to sleep instead of being forced awake in these metallic, drafty barracks with their rusty bed frames and stone floors. She heard someone drop out of their bunk and begin to pace the floor, assuming it was the loud clang  that had woken whoever was walking around, mumbled a half hearted apology. The pacing stopped and Evelyn suddenly felt very awake as she heard heavy breathing approach her. Was it one of the guards? Or was an inspector here for an assessment on our faction? Risking a peek through her covers, Evelyn saw another one of the Insciens walking towards her. Its demeanor was different though, its clothes were vaguely familiar but still foreign. The man’s eyes were strange, like  they were programmed to do something, but he was confused how to do it and had second thoughts, but even apart from that he was... different. Evelyn had never seen an Insciens like this one. She was not aware of the outside world, only this facility and the jobs they performed. Evelyn had assumed that this was the only facility to use their brand of biomechanic labor.

    The large Insciens tensed and she saw a wild untamed look flow into his eyes as they took on a slight orange hue. Evelyn was ready to leap out of her cot, wound like a cat underneath the measly little sheet. the Insciens took one step closer to her and she had her feet positioned between the cot and the wall so she could vault over the burly stranger.

    The man dove towards her cot and she sprung out of her cot and over the giant Insciens, stumbling as she hit the floor and ran out of the room onto the rails.

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