Deadpool's Deadpool Fanfic: A Deadpool Fanfic by: Deadpool

Deadpool decides to write his own story while waiting for the Deadpool movie to continue production. The problem, he doesn't like to write.


1. Disappointment

     Deadpool sat staring at his computer with an angry look through his mask. He was looking at a news article online that read: "Ryan Reynolds get injured by a drunk driver." The article showed a picture of the actor with a leg cast giving a thumbs up and wink to the camera. Deadpool wasn't so much concerned about the actor who portrays him. Instead he was enraged with the other news that was given in the article. "...until he heals up, the highly anticipated Deadpool movie, base on the titular anti-hero from Marvel comics, will be put on hold."

      The words echoed his Deadpool's mind infuriating him to the realization that he would have to wait longer for his movie to be released.

     "I can't believe this!" he smashed his computer "Ow. I can't believe they would just delay our movie."

    "It doesn't help you we ran him over."

     "Yeah he doesn't he need to be, like, not dead to make the movie?"

     "Hey, they didn't see the guy who ran him over, so were good."

     "I can hardly call it good."

      This still didn't make the merc with a mouth feel any better. He personally thought the man was perfect for his role besides himself. Only those chistled abbs and charming smile could mimic

      "Whoa! Hold it writer! You implying I have gay feelings for that guy? That's a little too far."

      I'm not lets just move on.

      Deadpool knew not only he would be upset by this news, but fans, not the fat, gross, obsessive ones, but his adoring and possibly sexy, big-titted fans will be let down. He had to think of a way to keep their sexy spirits up until then.

     "I got it! We'll make our own movie."

     "Like the way we think, but no body got time for that. Plus our last movie project was a fucking disaster."

    "We can make a game but can't make a movie? What gives?"

     "First we got no script, no actors, and no studio."

   "Gotta agree with buzzkill on that. However there are ways to work around that." he said wearing a suit in a court room while looking down at what appeared to be a legal contract.

       "According to the big boring rules of movie business: a movie needs a script."

      "Which means we need to write a script."

   "Yawn. how do we work around that?"

       "We get people to write for us, of course. No director personally writes their movies any more. They have people to do that for them."

      "Where do you suppose we hire these writers?"

   "Who said anything about hiring?"

     "Oh no."

   "We'll force people to write for us."


      "We can't just take people from their homes for our own purpose like that."

   "OBJECTION!" Deadpool took off his glasses and pointed to himself in outrage "The rules say we can't force people against their will to write for us, but they said nothing about the dead."

     "The dead?"

      And that's when the idea came to deadpool. If they couldn't get living people to write, and thank got they can't touch me on that, they can get the dead to write for them.

     "Don't think your off the hook writer."

    Then Deadpool stayed quiet until the next chapter was done.

      "Not unless I can do anything ab-"

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