Life Is A Hard Journey

It's about a girl, she has sex with two guys and she becomes pregnant, after the baby is born, she wants to find out which one of the two guys who is the father of the child, and how is that gonna end.


5. (5:22)

It's morning, Vanessa is talking with her father. Vanessa: I won't go to school, all my friends hates me. Thomas: Why do they hate you? Vanessa: They hate me, because I'm pregnant, and people can already see it on me. Thomas: Everything is gonna be alright, promise me that you want to fit your school, I support you. Vanessa: Thank you, Dad, you are the only one who really supports me. Noah: I also support you. Vanessa: Thank you. Vanessa goes to school. At the school: Vanessa is sitting all alone, she doesn't have anyone to talk with. Tyler is on his way over to Vanessa, but Mary stops him. Mary: Where are you going? Tyler: I need to talk with Vanessa. Mary: You had sex with her, i am the one who likes you. Tyler: I know, but she's all alone. Mary: Fine, talk with her, but I'm really mad at her. Tyler goes over to Vanessa. Tyler: Hey. Vanessa: Hey, are you mad at me? Tyler: No, I'm not mad at you. Vanessa: Thank you, everyone else is mad at me or hates me. Tyler: I don't hate you. Vanessa: Thanks, but Logan hates me, and Mary hates me, I only have support from my family. Tyler: It's weird to think that i maybe am the father of your child. Vanessa: You or Logan, it's one of you, but I'm not sure which one of you it is. Tyler: Okay. Later: At Logan's home: Alice: Hey. Logan: Hey, Mom. Alice: How is it going, with you and Vanessa? Logan: I broke up with her. Alice: Why? Logan: Because she's pregnant. Alice: Oh, who is the father to her child? Logan: Tyler, or me, I hate Vanessa because she had sex with my best friend. Alice: That sounds very hard for Vanessa, I don't want you to hate her. Logan: I don't want anything to do with her anymore.

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