Life Is A Hard Journey

It's about a girl, she has sex with two guys and she becomes pregnant, after the baby is born, she wants to find out which one of the two guys who is the father of the child, and how is that gonna end.


4. (4:22)

At the school: Logan goes over to Tyler. Logan: Tyler, we need to talk now. Tyler: Okay, you seem angry. Logan: It's because I'm angry. Tyler: Why are you angry? Logan: Because you've had sex with Vanessa. Tyler: Did she tell you that? Logan: Yes, she did. Tyler: That's right. Logan: She's pregnant, one of us is the father of her child. Tyler: I'm not interested in Vanessa. Logan: You're probably the father to her child. Tyler: Or maybe it's you. Logan: No, I hate you, I hate Vanessa, I hate you both, we are all done with each other. Tyler: I'm sorry. Logan goes, he is angry at Tyler. Vanessa sits and talks with Mary. Mary: Hey, how are you? Vanessa: I'm fine. Mary: Are you sure? Vanessa: Yeah, I'm sure. Mary can see that Vanessa weighs more than she used to. Mary: I can see that you weigh more, than you used to, what's going on? Vanessa: I want to tell you something about me. Mary: Okay. Vanessa: I've done something stupid. Mary: What have you done? Vanessa: I had sex with two guys, one of them was Logan. Mary: And the other guy is? Vanessa: Tyler. Mary: What? Vanessa: Yeah, I had sex with Tyler, the same week I had sex with Logan, and now. Mary: And now what? Vanessa: I'm pregnant. Mary: You know that I like Tyler. Vanessa: I know, i'm sorry. Mary: I hate you, I thought you were my best friend, and then you had sex with Tyler, the guy that I like. Vanessa: I'm sorry. Mary goes, she is mad at Vanessa. Now is Vanessa all alone, without Logan, and without Mary.

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