Life Is A Hard Journey

It's about a girl, she has sex with two guys and she becomes pregnant, after the baby is born, she wants to find out which one of the two guys who is the father of the child, and how is that gonna end.


2. (2:22)

It's morning, Vanessa throws up on the toilet, her brother Noah can hear it and goes into her. Noah: What's wrong with you? Vanessa: I'm fine. Noah: You have thrown up. Vanessa: If I tell you, then you have to promise me that you won't tell it, to anyone. Noah: I promise. Vanessa: I bought a pregnancy test and it was positive, I'm pregnant. Noah: Who's the father to your child? Vanessa: I had sex with two guys, so i don't know, and if our dad finds out about this, then I'm finish done, so please don't tell him. Noah: I won't. Vanessa: Thanks. Later: Vanessa goes to the doctor. At the doctor: The doctor examines Vanessa. Doctor: You are pregnant. Vanessa: So the test was right, I really am pregnant. Doctor: Yes, you are. Vanessa begins to cry. Doctor: Why are you crying about that? Vanessa: Because I didn't expected that I would get pregnant, I'm only 15, and i'm gonna be 16 before I give birth. Doctor: I'm sure, it will be all right. Vanessa: Thanks. Vanessa goes to the school. at the school: Logan: Hey, Vanessa. Vanessa: Hey, i don't feel so good. Logan: Are you sick? Vanessa: I don't think that i am. Logan: You'll be fine. Vanessa: Thank you, you are the best boyfriend. Logan: Thank you. Later: At home: Vanessa's father found her pregnancy test, on the toilet, he is not happy about it. Vanessa: Hey, Dad, what's wrong? Thomas: I found this on the toilet, can you explain why it's positive. Vanessa: Yes, dad, it's positive, because I'm pregnant. Thomas get's mad at his daughter.

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