Life Is A Hard Journey

It's about a girl, she has sex with two guys and she becomes pregnant, after the baby is born, she wants to find out which one of the two guys who is the father of the child, and how is that gonna end.


1. (1:22)

Vanessa Keith is 15 years old and she is visiting her boyfriend's best friend Tyler Hunter, suddenly they have sex together. In the same week, she visits her boyfriend Logan Jenson, and suddenly they end up having sex together. 2 months after: It's morning, Vanessa get's up and goes into the kitchen to her father. Thomas: Good morning. Vanessa: Good morning, Dad, I'm going to school now. Thomas: Remember to take Noah with you. Vanessa: Noah, we're going to school. Noah: I'm ready to go now. Vanessa: That's good. Vanessa and her brother Noah goes to school. At the school: Vanessa's best friend Mary Grant comes over to her. Mary: Hey. Vanessa: Hey. Vanessa suddenly dosen't feel good. Mary: What's wrong? Vanessa: I don't feel so good, I have to throw up. Vanessa hurries to the bathroom, to throw up. while she's on the toilet, her boyfriend Logan comes. Logan: Hey, where's Vanessa? Mary: She's on the toilet. Vanessa comes out from the toilet, she is not feeling well. Logan: Are you okay? Vanessa: I'm fine. Logan: I missed you. Vanessa: I missed you too. Vanessa and Logan are kissing each other on the mouth. Later: After school: Logan: Where are you going? Vanessa: I'm going out, to buy something. Logan: Are you sure that you're okay? Vanessa: Yes, I'm fine. Logan: Okay. Vanessa goes into town, and buys a pregnancy test, and then she goes home. At home: Vanessa takes her pregnancy test on the toilet. after 10 minutes she looks at the test, it's positive, she's pregnant. Vanessa is thinking: Oh no, it can't be true.

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