Life Is A Hard Journey

It's about a girl, she has sex with two guys and she becomes pregnant, after the baby is born, she wants to find out which one of the two guys who is the father of the child, and how is that gonna end.


10. (10:22)

At Logan's home: Logan is talking with his mom Alice. Alice: What's wrong? Logan: everything. Alice: Is it about Vanessa? Logan: Yes, sometimes I just treat her so stupid, I'm just confused. Alice: I would like to talk with Vanessa, I think that you should invite her home for dinner. Logan: Okay, Mom. Next day: At the school: Logan goes over to Vanessa to talk with her. Logan: Hey. Vanessa: Hey, what do you want? Logan: My mother wants to talk with you. Vanessa: When? Logan: Tonight, if you have time. Vanessa: Okay, I'm coming, but right now, I think that you should save your friendship with Tyler, before it's too late. Logan: Yeah, you're right. Logan goes over to Tyler to talk with him. Logan: Hey. Tyler: Hey. Logan: we gotta talk. Tyler: Fine. Logan: I wanna be friends with you again. Tyler: Me too. Logan: You're probably the father to Vanessa's baby. Tyler: Just because I am more supportive than you, it doesn't mean that it's me, who is the child's father. Logan: I know, it can be me, but i don't know, it's confusing. Tyler: You are not very kind to me or to Vanessa, she is the one who is pregnant, not us. Logan: I know, I'm sorry, because I was so mad at you. Tyler: It's okay. Logan: We should stop arguing with each other. Tyler: Yeah, and Vanessa is gonna find out, which one of us, who is the father of her child. Logan: Yeah, but let's be friends no matter who the baby's dad is. Tyler: Yeah, you're right. Later: In the evening: At Logan's home: Vanessa knocks on the door. Logan's mom opens the door. Alice: Hey, Vanessa, come in. Vanessa: Thanks. They eat, and they talk. Alice: I can see that you are very pregnant. Vanessa: Yeah, it wasn't my plan to become pregnant, it's really confusing, that i don't know who really is the father to my baby. Alice: I know.

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