The Conquered City

This story takes place in a world no different to our own with just a few differences. The tale unfolds from different points of views and from different people.


4. The Journey Begins

Celina woke as the window shutters started to clatter outside. A strong breeze blew from the North Mountains bringing with it a deadly chill. She swung her feet round and placed them onto the oak floor. The wind ruffled the edge of Celina’s shift as she reached up to shut the window. The full moon shone through the shutters gaps as they closed.
Just like the moon, the sun’s rays crept through the shutters gaps. A high pitch chirp, whistled and tweeted on the window sill. Celina turned over and came face to face with Juliette. Celina yelped and rolled backwards falling onto the cold floor.
“Juliette you can’t creep up on people like that! Especially when they’re sleeping!”
Brushing herself off Celina rose to her feet as Juliette retorted “Well I wouldn’t have to if you had been awake when I arrived. Anyway we need to get ready.”
“Juliette…” Celina yawned. “What are you on about?”
“Don’t be stupid Celina just get dressed.” The expression on Juliette’s face said there was no time to argue. “We need to leave soon remember.” Celina followed Juliette into the other half of her room. There hanging on the ornate cupboard was a forest green dress with a pair of brown leather boots laying on the floor. A leather corset lay on the dressing table accompanied by a pair of leather gloves and an evergreen travelling cloak.  The chilly air brushed my skin as she disrobed and reached for her undergarments.
“Quickly Celina! We need to leave!” The deep voice came from outside her room. “Sir Edward! This early. Why?” Celina thought.
Celina stared out of the window at the mountain range thinking that she won’t wake up to that view for a few months.
“Admiring the view?” A deepish voice emanated from the doorway. She spun round and saw Sir Edward leaning against the doorpost to the bathroom. “How could I not have noticed him?” she thought.
“My my, I must say…” he stopped in mid-sentence and stared. Celina, realising how bare he was reached for the towel, which was on the floor a few feet away, but Sir Edward got there first. Celina reached out her hand to swipe it from him but Sir Edward stepped back.
“Don’t be embarrassed me dear…” he took a few steps closed his hands reaching for hers. Celina stepped back quickly swiping the towel off him. Sir Edward’s face glinted with a sour note but it soon returned to his smirking smile, but the warmth had gone.
“Fine.” His voice displayed his annoyance. “I’ll leave.” The air went cold as he turned around and slammed the door.

Celina’s boots clicked against the stone in the courtyard as she walked towards the group of people bustling around the carriages. From a distance she saw Sir Edward talking with father, “probably reassuring him nothing will go wrong.” She thought, and then she saw Juliette hugging mother tightly as she said good bye. Remembering how Juliette never stopped sobbing at farewells Celina stride to her horse. Tribute stood stock still as Celina swung herself up and placed her cloth bag across the saddle and tied it on. Trotting out Celina noticed how everyone stared like they had never seen her ride before.
“Aren’t you going in the carriage?” fathers for relayed concern as he put a hand on Tribute.
“There is no need, father. Why ride in an uncomfortable carriage when I can be in the open air. Anyway I will want my own when I am there so I’ll ride there.” Father’s face sank as Celina spoke.
“It’s fine Duke Dommingham.” Sir Edward butted in. “I’ll make sure she rests when needed.”
Juliette’s smile faltered as she saw Sir Edward’s expression. “Fine, fine just get on your way.” Father slapped Tribute and Celina jolted forward as he sped off into the morning sun, the carriage trailing behind..

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