The Conquered City

This story takes place in a world no different to our own with just a few differences. The tale unfolds from different points of views and from different people.


2. A Beginning to a new life

The sun shone through the clouds, refracting as it hit the stained glass window. Pools of multi-coloured light danced and shimmered on the floor as if they were liquid gemstones. The cold marble floor was painful against Celina’s feet; it felt as if tiny needles were being jabbed into her souls. The smell of incense candles filled her nostrils bringing with them a light headed feeling as if she was drifting between dreams. The stone chapel filled with singing as the sisters wondered in, their heads bent in prayer and song. No men were between them because no men were allowed in the sacred chapel of the Silent Sisters. As she sat there, her head full of the lamenting sisters, she wondered what God had planned for her, she was a noble woman with money, power and she was quite beautiful. They probably would make her marry a wealthy man, not her favourite topic, men boarded her. The sister here were lucky, they got to live without men trying to ruin their beliefs and dreams.

“Celina my child, what an unexpected surprise.” She turned in her seat to face the village healer, Sister Monnica.
“Not really sister, I’ve been coming here for about a week now, not actually praying but just sitting, listening and thinking.” She said as Sister Monnica dropped into the seat next to her.
“Ah, but that is all that you need to do in the house of God. Just to sit here and being aware of what is around you without defacing it or insulting it, is paying homage.” As the conversation progressed the sisters continued singing. She let the melody take over her body, fill her mind and envelope her soul.
“My child, what is it that brings you here so very early even if it is just to sit and listen?”
“Sister all the time I’ve just sat here I’ve felt a pull towards God, even if it is just a small one. A humble place like this seemed to clear my soul and every night when I sleep God seems to take over my dreams.”
“God has influenced your path and to ignore it would be a grave decision. To deprive yourself of a great happiness would be disheartening beyond belief.” She turned to look Sister Monnica in the eye and saw tears welling in the corners.
“I shall discuss it with father this evening at dinner. I already know his answer but I shall ask anyway.”
“Just remember child, even if your father says he will not back your decision you will always have a place here in the House of Sisters.”
“Thank you Sister Monnica, I shall keep that in mind.” As she rose the Sisters stopped singing and turned their heads towards her. Her grey dress swished as its many pleats trailed on the floor. The huge oak double doors stood before her, standing sentinel, protecting the Sisters from the outside world. 

Father sat at the head of the lavish oak dining table, peering down at us as if we were criminals on trial.
“So Juliette I have been talking to Sir Edward and he says that he would be obliged if he would be allowed to take you to King Dorian’s masked ball.” He turned to Juliette. She was a rare beauty I have to admit her brown hair was in a bun a top of her hair but she left a single curl fall to her cheek contrasting with her green eyes. She was wearing a dusty rose coloured dress with pearl beading and a pearl necklace with matching earrings. Tiny pearls fasten her hair in place. A dash of red was visible on her cheeks.
“I would be delighted father; Sir Edward is a dashing fellow.”
“Oh be quite Juliette.” Celina snapped, “We all know that every boy from here to Esrila would want to take you.”
“Oh Celina, my dear sister, do not be like that, what has caused you to act in such way to me?”
“I’m just saying you’re very pretty but you do not need a man to make you happy, I was hoping to ask this later but Father,” Celina turned to look at him “I have decided to join the Sister, I feel his pull, I feel the way of God.”
“Don’t be absurd Celina; I have not paid for your upbringing to have you run away to a chapel for nutjobs who believe that there is a one almighty power that isn’t the King. No I will not let you.” Father glowered down at her, his face all red. “I will put a watch on this house to stop you from sneaking out at night.”
“But father…”
“No my word is final.” The whole table went quite as Celina stood and left, her petticoats swinging behind her.
 That night as she slept her dreams were filled with God and father, Juliette and the ball until suddenly a bright light filled her vision. It didn’t disappear. A voice protruded from the white space “Celina do not listen to the words of hate and anger only listen to the words of the wise and true. These people will help in the times of need and show you the way from the dark to the light. Celina God wants you to live to your full potential and blossom like a mountain flower. You know what you need to do.” The light faded as she jolted up.
Lacing up her boots Celina dressed in her travelling cloak pulling up the hood to conceal her face. The hall ways were dark and empty now the only light was the flickering flame of the candles on the wall. The door was left slightly ajar; one of the maids probably forgot to close it. Slipping through the gap she crept to the stables. The normally sweet air was doused by the smell of horse and dogs. Celina’s horse stood proud as she strode towards him. Placing on his saddle she swept up her petticoats and mounted the stallion.  Digging in her heals she cantered towards the gates and into the night.
Sister Monnica opened the door, holding a candle in her hand. Behind her was the high priestess, her crinkled face covered by a cloth.
“High Priestess this is her, this is the new one.” The High Priestess pushed past Sister Monnica and held the candle to Celina’s face, then grabbed her hand and twisted it so the palm faced up. The Priestess gave a shudder and shook her head. “No we cannot take you. He would not be pleased.” They backed away trying to close the door. “The King! The king would not be pleased”
“Why? I am of no importance to him. He does not know me and I him.”
“He does not know it yet but you are going to be part of his future and you are already a great part of his past. His son Prince Zedicia is also a big part of your future”
“What do you mean?”
“You are of noble blood, nobler than your family now. You are special my child, you are Celina Fairchild, long lost Princess of Banjï, the conquered city.”


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