How we bear our secret


1. How we bear our secret

deeply, hardly admitted.

buried and buried and never enough,

because we can always feel it, can’t we

we bury it and we carry it

get good at hiding it

worship and guilelessly trust in it

(no reason to

for it makes no sense at all

somehow we know this,

ignore this)

we find another

seek laughter

warm arms

it’s not the same, we know

but on we go.

pretending that the differences are what will make it last

and yet this is not a place that makes us feel at home

this is not a place where we don’t feel alone

what it is:

a delirious illusion

the mind’s way of convincing us that we are okay

that we will be okay


and we wonder,

is a soul meant to go on without the mate?

is it meant to flourish?


or will it simply just


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