Drowning In Love

Olivia Stewart, a bright, beautiful and intelligent seventeen year old befriends Amelia, a depressed, bullied, timid and smart girl. They become close like sisters but Olivia starts to get these feelings whenever she's around her. Will she confess or live her life in fear?


1. Stand up

Fluttering my eyes open, I yawned running a hand through my loose bun as I slipped out of my four poster double bed and padded inside my huge bathroom. Stripping off my pajamas, I hopped into the shower, turning on the hot water as it caressed my pale body whilst I scrubbed my sweaty limbs. Finishing my shower, I hopped out wrapping a towel around the upper part of my body, I brushed my teeth then washed my face. Closing the bathroom door, I walked over to my wooden brown wardrobe and took out clothes for me to wear, I picked out my long sleeved dark blue knitted sweater that my cousin in law Ashley made for me, my black plain leggings and my brown combat boots. Untying my loose bun, I blow-dried it and brushed my long dark brown wavy hair tying it in a top messy bun. Staring at my features, I had milk chocolate brown eyes, pale skin, light pink plump lips, pearly white teeth, a slim medium figure and brown freckles on my small snub nose and cheeks. After staring at myself in the mirror, I walked out of my room. Walking downstairs, I made myself some cereal as I sat down on the bar stool crunching on the flakes. After my breakfast, I checked the time, I had ten minutes to make it to school, standing up, I put my bowl in the sink before grabbing my mini aztec backpack slinging one handle on my shoulder then ambled out of my house shutting the door gently behind me.


As I started to make my way to Parker High, these older girls who were dressed in trashy clothes stumbled past me as I gave them weird looks, the leader of the group, who I assumed was, stopped in her tracks, I knew what was going to happen, quickly I sped walked past them but they caught up to me. There were about four girls eyeing me dirtily. "What do you think you're looking at?" One girl hissed pushing me back. "I wasn't looking at you guys. I swear." I lied gritting my teeth pissed off at them. "What's your name, little girl?" Another girl asked. I'm not litte. "Olivia." was all I said before pushing through them, running out of view but they caught up with me and started pushing me around. "Stop! Leave her alone!" A feminie voice yelled, the four girls bustled away. Looking up, I saw a girl who looked about my age, green emerald eyes, plump lips, cream blonde hair and slim. She held out her hand which I politely took as she hurled me up. "Are you okay?" The girl asked. I nodded. "They're just bitches, I can handle them but thanks anyways." I thanked, smiling. "You're welcome. I'm Amelia by the way. I know how you feel, I've been bullied and depressed my whole life and helping someone makes me feel a lot helpful." Amelia explained, introducing herself.


"I'm Olivia, and I'm sorry about your situtation." I said with a sympathetic tone. Poor girl. "Where are you headed?" Amelia asked, putting her hands in her jacket pocket. "To Parker High, a big school down the road." I told her, her green eyes lit up as I mentioned Parker High. "Really? So am I! That's so awesome that we go to the same school. Maybe I can walk with you there?" She exclaimed with a beautiful happy smile. Hold on, did I just say she has a beautiful smile? Sure, yeah, she's pretty and all but should I really be thinking like this? C'mon, she's probably straight anyways. "Sure, it's not a problem." I casually replied as we started walking down the road. It was a quiet warm day in the city, not much going on. As we made a halt, we spotted Parker High and entered the building. "What's your first morning class?" Amelia asked, looking around the hallway. "Home Economics." I instantly replied looking at my time table. "Oh me too! This must be a really lucky day." Amelia chuckled. I giggled as we made our way to class.


Stepping foot inside the class, I took a seat in the middle row as Amelia took the back. I frowned as I saw fear in her eyes, quickly turning around I saw the she-devils, Miranda, Casey and Julie. "Aw, look who's cowering at the back! It's little Amelia here." Mirana faked cooed making crying noises. "Boo hoo!" Julie added pretending to fake cry. "Hey leave her alone!" I yelled defending a sad Amelia. "What's it to you Olivia?" Julie hissed stepping in front of me with a pissed off look. "She hasn't done anything to you!" I said frowning. "Whatever. What're you going to do about it? Olive." she purposely got my name wrong as the class made, "Oooh." noises. I rolled my eyes at their child like behaviour. "I'll report it." I confidently said folding my arms. "Oh yeah?" Miranda sassily said. "Oh yeah." I grumbled clicking my fingers. They were taken aback my sassiness. "Whatever, bitch." Casey mumbled before they took their seats rolling their eyes at me. I took my seat next to Amelia who buried her face in her hands. "Thank you for defending me. You're honestly the best." Amelia mumbled. "No problem." I said wrapping my arms around her shoulder as she laid her head on my shoulder as I felt a tingling feeling but ignored it. After class started, all I kept thinking in my head was, from now I'm going to protect Amelia no matter what.

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