Drowning In Love

Olivia Stewart, a bright, beautiful and intelligent seventeen year old befriends Amelia, a depressed, bullied, timid and smart girl. They become close like sisters but Olivia starts to get these feelings whenever she's around her. Will she confess or live her life in fear?


2. I'm here for you

As our teacher talked about relationships with families, everyone wrote down notes for tomorrow. "Can I sit with you at lunch?" I asked, trying my best to whisper. Amelia looked startled as I asked her that but her face softened. "Sure, no one really sits next to me." Amelia stated. "Don't worry, since we're partners and friends, I'll always sit next to you." I promised her. "Olivia! Amelia! Would you like to share something with the class?" Mr Burton, our Home Economics teacher, exclaimed with a stern face. "Uh..no. We were just..talking about-about-a-a-bout...the.." I stuttered searching for an excuse. "The lesson! We were talking about what we were going to do about the project, just to get ready." Amelia explained helping me. "Oh okay but please can you just focus on the lesson?" Mr Burton said, smiling. Yes, it worked. I winked at Amelia who chuckled. We both nodded with straight faces. Julie turned around and did the loser sign at me sticking her tongue out then turned back to the front of the class.


There so childish, can't they just leave us alone? I mean c'mon, we're nearly graduating. As the bell rang signalling that it was lunchtime, everyone stood up from their seats gathering their books and belongings before rushing out the door. Walking to lunch with Amelia, I took out my phone as I got a text from someone unfamiliar.

Anonymous: I'm going to make your life a living hell, bitch.

Reading the immature message, I rolled my eyes, stuffing my phone back into my satchel before going over to the line and awaiting to grab my lunch as Amelia stood behind me. Finally, the line progressed as we started to move forward. The dinner lady politely asked me what I wanted, steak sandwich or mac and cheese, I chose a steak sandwich and salad. Walking down the row of tables, we chose the middle table. Taking our seats, we dug into our lunch. "So, what are you doing other than working on the project with me?" I questioned, tossing my salad around my plate. "Nothing much, just going to study." Amelia answered shrugging. "Oh c'mon Ami." I said teasing her. "What do you want me to do?" She asked frowning. "Let's go to the mall today after school! We can go back to our houses to get changed, then I'll pick you up with my car that I bought a few months ago then we'll go and have fun! C'mon it'll be fun." I convinced her, pouting. "Ugh, fine." Amelia mumbled, but smiled. I smirked.


"Let's go." Amelia said as we threw the rest of our lunch in the bin and started walking to our next classes. Honestly, I can't wait to graduate and get away from this school.


After school.

Standing next to my car, I waited for Amelia. Running, she ran over to where my car was parked with a flustered expression. "What took you so long?" I asked, raising my eyebrow. "Sorry, I was..doing..something." Amelia lied pushing her hair back. "Amelia, don't lie to me. What happened?" I softly asked, not pressing into it to much. "Okay, this is what happened.." Amelia started.


Amelia's P.O.V

Olivia must be waiting for me. I need to hurry. Gathering my things, I ran out of the classrom but was stopped by three familiar figures with smirks on their faces. "Where do you think you're going?" Julie hissed stepping forward whilst flicking her hair. "Home, where else would I go?" I said sassily. Whoa, where did that come from? "Don't be smart with us, Amelia. You know what happens." Miranda grumbled pushing me, I stumbled back, falling on my bum. "You play with us once more, you and your friend are DEAD." Julie threatened before they strutted away leaving me on the floor. Quickly, I hurled myself up and ran down the hallways and out of the school. This was going to be a long year..


Back to Olivia's P.O.V

"That's what happened?" I asked, shocked that they would do such a thing. Amelia nodded. "Tomorrow, they're going to pay." I mumbled to myself as we got into the car. I turned on the ignitition and drove out of the school area on to the road. Dropping off Amelia to her house, she gave me her phone number then ran inside. Finally, I drove home, locking my car and walking inside my house. "How was school, darling?" My mum asked, stirring something in the pan. "Fine, as always." I answered then ran upstairs to my room closing the door.


Taking another quick shower, I untied my messy bun and shook my dark brown long waves. Hopping out of the shower, I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out white spaghetti crop top, black mini skirt, my maria waffle black cardigan and my pointed white basic ballets. Blow drying my wet hair, I brushed it then tied it in a side ponytail brushing the ends. Grabbing my Michael Kors black handbag, I slung it on my shoulder stuffing fifty pounds inside the bag and my phone then walking downstairs. "Where are you going, looking all cute and pretty?" My mum asked smirking as she changed channels on the TV. "Out to the mall. With a friend. Her name is Amelia." I told her before walking outside shutting the door gently behind me.


Getting into my car, I put my handbag in the back seat and drove to Amelia's house. Waiting outside in my car, I honked the steering wheel. Amelia walked outside getting in the car, she looked beautiful. She was wearing a black cami dress, black low block sandals and a denim jacket. Her blonde hair was in a french braid. "You look great." I complimented with a smile. "You too." she said. I thanked her as we drove out of the area and into the city.

We drove to Boohoo, our first stop since I brought with me about £80 pounds. What? Just in case.


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