Live While Were Young

I made this song and then my friend and I made a dance to this. :) It was really funny and cool.


1. Live While Were Young

Live While Were Young


        Hey Boys Were Waiting on ya were waiting on ya

    Come on and watch the crown go wild

and have a celebration a celebration

One Direction are here in town!


Yeah, we'll be doing what we do

Just fangirling over dudes and we know it too.

Yah. We'll keep saving pics of you

Just pretending that were cool 

So Tonight


Let's ship Nouis, Larry, Ziam romantic Love <3 

I know we never met but let's pretend were one

Don't ever ever use your spoons again.

Tonight Let's Tweet some and Memorize all your quotes


Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh 

Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

and spam your moments

Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


Tonight Let's write fanfics about One Direction


Hey girl it's Harry and Louis, it's Niall and Zayn, Don't you ever 

forget Liam Payne

and if Elouner's together, yeah, their together, 

Don't hate all over her again!


Yeah, we'll be doing what we do 

Just Fangirling over dudes 

So Tonight


Let's act Crazy Crazy Crazy in all our lessons listen 

for those magic words 


In Every sentence and scream when they're said

Tonight let's sing some of 

One Direction's  (1D)

 new Songs!


Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

and vote for grammys

Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Harry likes elders Don't let him meet mum


And boys you and I we're about to make some memories 



Your skins are all flawless Niall called Zayn's hair a ski jump


We'll go Crazy Crazy Crazy till you meet and greet us fans 

we've never met but share interests in you we

 always always always question sanity

Tonight we'll stalk you it;s a fun obsession 


Follow Follow Follow make us ; squeal n jump

you know my rooms a mess it's all 1D junk I'll 

never never never stop for anyone Boys, 

when will you listen to your fellow earthlings?


x10 Wanna Live Wanna Live Wanna Live

(Wanna Live While Were Young)


Tonight let's fangirl over One Direction (1D)


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