Chole and 10k were best friends before he left with his dad so what happens when they are reunited.

The whole story is in 10k's point of view


4. three words

All day we have been catching up with each other, just talking, and laughing. Suddenly I hear her stomach growl. Well someone's hungry. Chloe laughs. Yup I sure am I haven't even seen food in days. Well come on let's get something to eat. As we were eating I saw chloe twisting her fingers in something around her neck. What's that? Huh oh um just this. She take the object of and handed it to me, it was a necklace but not just any necklace. Hey didn't I give you this? Yup. You kept this? Yeah it's special. Special? Yeah you gave it to me that's what makes it special. She smiled at me and I actually blushed. T-thanks. Aww are you blushing? She laughed and playfully grabed my cheek. She laughed some more and then just stopped. Hey Chloe are you okay? Uh yeah just I uh... We started looking into each other's eyes then I placed my hand on her cheek I leaned in and kissed her and she kissed back. After we pulled away we were both smiling at each other. Chloe there's something I have to tell you something. W-what is it? I-I love you. She smiled at me then pulled me into a hug. I love you to... Tommy.

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