Chole and 10k were best friends before he left with his dad so what happens when they are reunited.

The whole story is in 10k's point of view


8. on the road again

Okay everyone pack it up! As we were packing up our stuff I heard a loud thud and turned around. Shit! I saw Chloe on the ground holding her foot. Hey are you okay? Yeah I'm fine. I just banged my foot on the fricken table. HEY LOVEBIRDS HURRY IT UP! Well Murphy's in a hurry. I helped her up and we picked up our stuff and went out to the truck.

*couple hours later*

Me and Chloe were riding in the back of the truck and talking. So why'd you leave the old camp? It got overrun with z's... Had to give mercy to a lot of friends. Is that how your... How my family died, yup... I had to give them mercy. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do especially with anna. How old was she? 4. I'm so sorry Chloe. The truck stopped and we heard Roberta cursing inside. Hey why'd we stop? I stood up to see what the problem was. Fraken zombies.

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